The US is a masonic theocracy with a fixation on numbers and number-worshipping.

Their occult fixation on numbers and hitting numbers gives them an edge over sucker investors who don't know what's really going on relating to bizarre market action.  This by itself refutes libertarianism and capitalism as viable options. You need a state that declares war on the secret societies and roots out and destroys their manipulation.

Donald Trump always flashes the 666;  27 is 999 inverted.

Recall that the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall, or 6660 inches...and that George Bush launched the Iraq War 555 days after September 11th, 2001.

Recall also that masonry was started in 1717 London England, MASON = 17, and that John McCain was reported dead 17 days before September 11th 2018, 17 years after September 11, 2001.

These odd events timed to numbers are beyond chance. There must be intelligent coordination, either by the hidden hand of secret societies or the malevolent demiurge they like to blame.

We can be sure it is not a demiurge because they would be shitting in their pants, if this was organic and real, like any normal person.

Rather, this is the  work of the British and Jewish invisible hands from which they derive so much wealth and power. War is the answer to the invisible hand.


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