Renegade Tribune reprinted a comprehensive article detailing how the United States has been a zionist regime since its founding.

My campaign upholds the claim that the United States is a masonic theocracy; where masonry is a two-faced religion that demands zionist world domination.

As such, a masonic theocracy is a zionist theocracy. 






A theocracy involves some kind of religion and views that must not be challeged, or else one suffers professional or personal retribution, such as the revocation of professional licenses, or deplatforming. While the zionist theocracy doesn't chop your head off, it will starve you to death, by loss of livelihood, if you challenge US support for Israel, or various masonic official stories, like the holohoax, the fake moon landing, the magic bullet of the JFK assassination, or the blasting and popcorning of the Twin Towers, WMDs in Iraq, and so forth. They don't teach any of this to you in public school, so it is a total suprise when you see it for the first time. You never signed up for theocracy, did you?

From this perspective the USG has us in a zionist-masonic theocracy.

This article affirms that with many grave details.

At a recent Christians United For Israel  (CUFI) conference, Mike Pompeo, a Christian Zionist, said:


"Christian support for zion-a Jewish homeland-- runs back to the Puritan settlers, and has endured for centuries. [John Adams] said 'I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation."


That is as close to the founding, and indeed within the founding generation, that Zionism and masonry can be pinned. While John Adams was not a mason, he was a zionist. 

His son John Quincy Adams, in typical WASP hypocrisy told a German noble that European immigrants into the United States, "must cast off the European skin, never to resume it."  European-Americans were expected to crush the independence of their native European nations, such as Netherlands, France, Spain, and Germany, and now Russia; while the independence of Jews is to be celebrated by the whole nation. The United States is a utopia of dysgenics and counter-civilization.

Europeans who have a living identity are treated second class citizens, while Jews are expected to take on a dead identity, which may never have existed, as Temple-mongering Jews of Palestine; all to please deranged WASPs.

Further, the article affirms that zionism is, largely, a WASP lunacy, rather than an authentic jewish or christian ambition; but one that serves the ends of WASP empire.

Israel is not merely "a jewish state," but is intended to be a base of world government, from which, "jews" will run the world under the Noahide laws. This makes zionism a movement of world tryanny.  Conservatives are against world goverment when it is run out of the United Nations (set up by WASPS), but 1000% for it, if it is run out of Israel. Henry Kissinger said in 2012 that "Israel wouldn't exist in 10 years," which brings us to 2022 (222 in gematria). George Washington was born on February 22 (2/22). The most likely scenario of what this reveal means is that Israel will dissolve, but Jerusalem will be the world capitol, with its Third Temple, where WASPS and Jews will bring back human sacrifice.  Thus, everyone who isn't a Jew or observer of the Noahide laws  (WASPs) will have their head cut off by guillotines. The "idol-worshippers" Catholics and atheists will be killed off, and the Jews and WASPs will have a world of their own.

Zionism is the international communism with a religious sugar-coat; while Ayn Rand's objectivism is atheistic zionism.

The article connects the Blackstone Petition (note the masonic allusion) to the WASP ruling scum:


The [Blackstone] petition asked Harrison and Blaine to use their influence to “secure the holding at an early date, of an international conference to consider the condition of the Israelites and their claims to Palestine as their ancient home, and to promote, in all other just and proper ways, the alleviation of their suffering condition.” [the suffering condtion is presumed-President Kraus.]

The Blackstone Memorial [petition] is highly significant because of its signatories, which included the most influential and wealthiest Americans of the era, the majority of whom were Christians.

Signatories of the Blackstone Memorial included J.D. Rockefeller, the country’s first billionaire; J.P. Morgan, the wealthy banker; William McKinley, future president of the United States; Thomas Brackett Reed, then speaker of the House; Melville Fuller, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; the mayors of New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and Chicago; the editors of the Boston Globe, New York Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune, among others; and numerous other members of Congress, as well as influential businessmen and clergymen. Though some rabbis were included as signatories, the petition’s content was opposed by most American Jewish communities. In other words, the primary goal of Zionism, before it even became a movement, was widely supported by the American Christian elite, but opposed by American Jews.


This should put to rest the notion of the hapless WASP who can't help himself against the power of Jews; or that all these zionists WASPs we see are bought off "Shabbos Goy;" or that these spineless WASPs are honest actors. Rather the WASP is a intractable type of Jew who is a veritable enemy of Gentiles; a creature that sees himself as an elect ruling and directing history on behalf of god.  Liars like Paul Joseph Watson who can't see Jews in the media, or white zionist like Richard Spencer and KKK and FBI agent David Duke, or Jared Taylor who says, "Jews look white to him," are all part of this zionist-masonic theocracy. Their statements fit what is part of a centuries-old pattern; a pattern most Americans must learn to recognize.


The article, indirectly,reaffirms:


1) that WASPs are the senior partner, in a quest for world domination; with the Jews, as junior partner. 

2) That Israel is a colony of the British Empire advancing genocidal geopolitics from Palestine to India.  The Queen of England knight Simon Peres, president of Israel. To be a knight is "to be a servant of." Peres accepted knighthood on behalf of the State of Israel, which tells you Israel is a servant of the British Empire, not a real state, but a fake state. If nukes are masonic fakes, so are Israeli nukes. Jews are up the creek.

3) that the Anglo-American Establishment (WASP) will work the the communists (Jews) to put the whole world under English stinkfoot...the Carroll Quigley thesis.

4) that the WASPs protect and treasure their atrocity propaganda that Hitler gassed the Jews to force Germany to subsidize their colony Israel and to deflect attention from British genocide of German civilians through firebombing, death by fire, holocaust.

5) that while Jews are an existential threat to Gentiles, WASPs make it all but impossible to fight Jews by protecting and using them for their own messianic purposes.

6) that the only way out of this matrix is through the WASPs. Historically, Europeans have been able to fight off Jewish excesses on their own, but once WASPs dominated Europe, this has been impossible.

More deeply, it is my conviction that the WASPs are not Anglo-Saxons, who were killed off in the Great Harrowing. Like the misnamed American Indian, the Briton is misnamed an Anglo-Saxon. As long as we keep that in mind, it's OK to use the term WASP. In truth, WASPs are some kind of non-European race that landed in Briton and is affliated with Jews.

Specifically, British newspapers claim that 70 percent of Britons are related to King Tut.

King Tut was a conehead. His father Ahkenaten/Moses was a conehead. This connects Jews and WASPs together as cousin races through the coneheads. It also explains the odd masonic fixation of WASPs to Egypt and Egyptian imagery, which we find all over this masonic theoacracy, and which we don't find among any other group in the world. 

I'm very happy that Renegade Tribune has reproduced this detailed and revealing article. No leftist can say Renegade Tribune is "hateful" or "dishonest" or cowardly. This is the kind of work real journalism and research is made of. And it is vital that such information get out to the American people, so that they can throw off this genocidal zionist-masonic theocracy.

To highlight two-faced WASP hypocrisy to the max, "in a 1999 sermon, Falwell discussed his interpretation of end-times prophecy, widely shared by Christian Zionist evangelicals, that the Second Coming would follow not just the creation of the state of Israel but the construction of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount, from which a figure known to Christians as the 'Antichrist' would reign."

Not only are these Christians working to bring in the state of Israel and the Third Temple, but the anti-Christ as well. They're working for "the Anti-Christ!"

These "Great Americans" high on their own supply, these warmongering servants of the Anti-Christ, relish have nothing to do with the Prince of Peace and everything to do with advancing the British Empire.

Could there be a better sign of damnable and deranged racial soul of the WASP to, brazenly, serve the Anti-Christ?

WASPS are Jew-enablers and they must be stopped.


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