Once again, we see that we have a masonic theocracy and Agent Tootsi is sporting a triangle.


tulsi triangel.PNG



8 days before her birthday, Hillary Clinton dropped shats on Tulsi Gabbard.




HILLARY CLINTON = 8 (zeroes drop in gematria since A=1)

TUSLI GABBARD = 208 = 28

I'm no fan of Zionist Tootsi Hard Gabbard, but strap-on Hillary is staging more non-sense to push Tulsi off the political stage. Something out of the blue like that is a masonic hoax attack.

No sane person believes in Russian influence anymore...when there are far more egregious foreign elements influencing our elections like the AIPAC Zionist Jews and the British intelligence agents.

Bill Clinton is a British influencer as a Rhodes Scholar and brute Hillary is an admitted lackey of the British Empire-serving Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The DNC has two other Rhodes Scholars running with Butt-plugger and Booker. Hillary hasn't said a word about them.  The CFR is the Rhodes Roundable Group, which like the Rhodes Scholars, are the Rhodes Mafia dedicated to "putting all habitable lands," including the US, under the British Empire. They are absolutely and avowed foreign agents. We don't have national security in this country, if these people are allowed to run around in our political system. FAKE NATIONALIST Trump isn't doing anything about it, either.

Tulsi's response was well-written and, probably, was weeks in the making.

"You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain."
That's music to everyone's ears, except, its all masonic theater.
Hillary Clinton is queen of the warmongers, yes, but you don't win by embracing the ruling scum's replacement of that warmonger. Tusli's job is to capture moral opposition and marginalize it.
tulsi 61.PNG


You can see that this smear on Tulsi being a Russian agent comes 190 days after her birthday.

CHAOS = 19. 

It's 2019, the year of chaos.

So, this ritual is coordinated between both these CFR characters to both their birthdays who both are or were,  US presidential candidates.

Isn't that incredible? What are the odds? You democrats know how to count. You watched Sesame Street. What are the odds?


In the blogpost on Bernie, we discussed the use of 61.

We see that 190 days is also 6 months and 1 week.


JESUS = 61





Tulsi claims to be a Hindu, but her masonic chaos ritual tells us otherwise. 

Masonry is a two-faced religion that serves Zionist world domination. 

She's definitely a Jew-friendly Zionist.

In fact, like Hillary Clinton, Tootsi Gabbard is CFR. Renegade Tribune reports it here.



tusli v clinton.PNG


The attack comes on Oct 18th which is 1 month and 8 days after September 11, 2019.



russian interference.PNG


Interesting how RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE is 322 and 911 in reverse. 

British MI6 agent and chaos magick ritualist Aleister Crowley said to do everything in reverse.


MASONRY worships the all seeing eye and it is the shape of the oval office looking down.

This attack comes 322 days after the rotten bastard George HW Bush woke up in hellfire.

So, we see the point of the 322.

It's a tribute to a dirty old Bush.

Both Bushes were part of the Skull and Bones, which is a banking fraternity of British origin, working out of Yale, a spook school (Nathan Hale has a statue there), and is known for its ties to masonry (British intelligence).

Americans are drowning in a sea of British agents.  That's never talked about.

The British regime hates Russia and has had several wars with it, including one's in Afghanistan in the 1800's. Regime candidates demonize anti-war candidates as Russian tools. That all makes sense from the British point of view which dominates American politics.

Most likely, Gabbard's role is to attract the opposition and marginalize it.

Gabbard won't go for the throat and open up the real can of worms; that we live in a British-controlled masonic theocracy that uses the illusion of Jewish persecution to bleed Americans dry on behalf of the British colony Israel, which advances Genocidal British Geopolitics from Palestine to India. The ultimate objective is to stab Russia in its underbelly and cut it in pieces like a worm.  This is the motive for manufacturing masonic hysteria over Russian influence in US politics.  The Rhodes Mafia, Skull and Bones, masons, and mormons never raise concerns over British influence in US politics. The Queen of England knighted Shimon Peres who accepted it on behalf of the State of Israel. This means Israel is a servant state of the British, not a sovereign state. AIPAC serves a British colony.

Today, being 10-19-19 we see that the Brexit controlled fiasco has been delayed once again by a vote of 322-306.



tulsi born.PNG


Tusli was not even born in Hawaii, but in American Samoa, on an island town that has the 28/73 = MASON. 


This is just like "Insane in the Brain" John McCain being born in Coco Solo, Panama; which has critical gematria related to him.

COCO SOLO = 119, which is 911 in reverse. 

McCain croaked 17 years after 9-11-01 and 17 days before 9-11-18. 

British intellence qua masonry was introduced in London England in 1717.

MASON = 17

McCain was known as a traitor and he likely fired the missile that blew up the Pentagon on September 11th. 

Hillary Clinton collapsed on September 11th 2016 and had a logo of a jet flying into the North Tower. 

Building 7 had 47 stories, and Mitt Romney talked about how 47 percent of the public would automatically vote for Obama. He finished 2012 with 47 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump was in a 911 Serta commercial and claimed that the Towers had explosives inside that blew up simulatanously with the jets hitting them. How would he know this if he weren't involved?  

How is it that our major party candidates have at least two connections or tributes to the September 11th demolitions? The perfect crime is to have the presidential candidates in on it to poo-poo public outrage as a conspiracy theory to protect the regime's official story and keep the focus on wars.

How is it that the Queens jet crashed in the ROCK-A-WAYS came 101 days (11) after Obama's birthday in 2001 and that Osama bin Laden was "reported" killed 3 months and 3 weeks (33) before Obama's birthday in 2011 (11)?

The Twin Towers were shaped in 11s and blew up after 33 years after construction started.

How many 11's and 33's does it take to make a masonic ritual?

Again, every single major party candidate after Skull and Bones Bush/Kerry of 2004, has had strange tribute connections to the masonic terror ritual of September 11, 2001

We know that commissioned officers are almost always masons. 

33 of George Washington's generals were masons (British agents).  If Washington and his generals were British agents, did we really have a revolution? No.

Your teacher told you that two-faced mason George Washington never told a lie. Your teacher lied.

He was said to have said, "I cannot tell a lie."


lie washington.PNG


Assume for your own sake that Tulsi Gabbard is a commissioned officer and a mason, until HE denies it. 

Masonry is a transsexual cult.

big tulsi.PNG

Big Bad Tulsi Gabbard could beat the sheets out of half-dick Dave Rubin.



Recall that Rand Paul was hoax attacked on November 11, 2017. (33. 17.) The claim was that a neighbor plowed into this back and broke 5 ribs updated to 6 ribs. The Buy-Bull monster is said to have ripped a rib out of Adam to make Eve, leaving Adam with 11 ribs. This is a Skull and Bones story.  If you are a man, could you blow into another man from behind and break 5 or 6 of his ribs? It's hard to cover 3 ribs on each side to break them. We can consider this a masonic health scar, just as Hillary collapsed on September 11, 2016.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are considered "decent" people on the right. Same with Sanders and Gabbard. However, even these decent people are masonic scum bags.

Like Bernie's hoax heart attack, (SEE BERNIE 61) Zionist Tulsi is in on it, as a British agent/mason.

She is also Hindu, but not Indian, but in with Modi and his Hindu nationalism.  From the masonic point of view, the more odd and confusing it all is the better. When you can't pin someone or something down you can't get certainty on anything. 

AOC had Guru Chakrabarti as her Chief of Staff who had a shirt for Bose, an Indian nationalist who met with Hitler. Nothing wrong with meeting Hitler. Is Tulsi's role to be a Kosher Indian nationalist?

India was under British rule. The British have used many Indians or pseudo-Indians as agents, including Ghandi (pdf), Rosa Parks, and Wallace Fard of the Nation of Islam.  How British is the name Wallace? Wallace means wolly-haired foreigner, i.e, Jew.

Masonry is a two-faced intelligence operation that has Americans by the balls.

Trump is a British agent.

Buttplugger and Booker are British agents.

Tusli and Hillary are British agents.

Bernie is a Jew.  Williamson is a Jew. Steyer is a Jew billionaire. Bloomberg is a billionaire Jew.

Mama Kamala is married to a Jew.

Like Coroner Carver, Beto laughed at the El Paso shooting; meaning he is in the club. 

All these candidates are groomed by Brits and/or serve Jews.

Yang is for a VAT tax with the free stuff as the poison pill. His campaign is based on the coming transhuman-singularity, which is a Jewish hyperbolic tech-explosion, where everyone gets to download themselves to a computer chip or de-sex themselves from human biology. That fits masonry like a glove.


In the video below Transpocalypse Now mentions the word pagan. Pagan means farmer. 

Without pagans you'd starve to death.

Like Christians, the Bolsheviks were against the farmers, the kulaks, the Boers. They want to control people by their belly.  For the British, famine is a war weapon.  They want to control agriculture, the soil, to control the blood, the people.

We must protect our blood and soil from the Jewish and Christian temples, and the British and Jews,  who despise nature and our natural creation. 

Unfortunately, TranspocalypseNow re-cycles the masonic Bible as an answer to save the public from masonry.  Masonry wins either way. 

How do we know the Bible is a masonic creation? It is two-faced literature filled with codes.

There are numerous references to stones, rocks, and masons in the Bible; along with astrotheology, gematria codes, banking and lending debit and credit codes.  It's one big pile of intelligence operations, i.e., masonry.  Masons, of some kind, familiar with Ancient Egyptian political intrigues and Greek mythology, made the Bible.  Why would King James and his occultist mason-Rosicurcian, John Dee and Francis Bacon want to write the Bible, unless to control people and advance the British Empire by, deceptions upon deceptions, all the way down.

The average person can't comprehend that many religions are creations of the British government: masonry, mormonism, thelema, scientology, wicca, Nation of Islam, Wahhibi Islam ("protestant" Islam), Quakerism, Puritanism, and many more. It's incredible. They are all strategems to collapse Americans into pointless micro-identities; cults that make unity and sovereignty against the British impossible.


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