The Left should not deceive themselves or others about the costs of socialism. Rather, they should ask, "in the name of what are people willing to pay the price of socialism?"

This alters the way one would sell socialism.

There has to be a high value worth preserving that justifies the embrace of socialism. Without that higher value, people are just incurring costs and see socialism as a thieving threat.

Of course, the Left has been constructed to have no values and be naked enemies of property rights and what people work for. That assures that the Left does not get traction.

Hitler knew two things about socialism. First, socialism must serve the blood-Germans (the Volk) and only the love of the Volk would inspire public willingness to forgo free markets and cheap Jew goods.

National self-preservation and sovereignty of German blood in history was prized over all else. That's what it takes to end Jewish control over markets and to tolerate consequent shortages, higher prices, and other problems that socialism is bound to bring. Socialism is never smooth. It's costly.  However, German posterity, the eternal life of the Volk, is worth it. This presupposes a Volk that makes it worth it.

Without a Volk, socialism does not materialize by the voluntary energy of the people.

Rather, as in the Soviet case, it comes in by brute force and deception.

Today, millions realize that WASP-Jew outsourcing to China, gutting the manufacturing base of the American economic gorilla, and serving Zionism with Jew-wars has bankrupted the country. In a globalist marketplace, America is dependent on cheap labor, migration, and open borders to keep up with foreign production. America is doomed to become a microcosm of the world. That's the price of capitalism, to have one's own racial stock pauperized and swept from the face of the earth.

It's too late for the WASPs to save themselves. They constitute just 10 percent of the population now, but it's not too late for blood-Europeans to save themselves.  Here we distinguish the European-hating masonic whites of Briton who came from North Africa and come from the coneheads of Egypt from the fair-skinned Europeans who are children of the Aryans.  (LINK 2)

While the two-faced masonic race (British WASPs and Jews) rules America, they do not have a demographic foundation in the electorate. Jews and WASPs may control the US Congress, but their bench in the electorate is not there to sustain this corrupt political construct. Anyone who comes along and points it out can destroy their pretense to power.

By dissolving the USG and doing away with the hegemony of the pharaohonic-masonic race, we can create regional governments that are proto-nation-states with ethno-democraphic themes.





From there, you can have socialism to cultivate them, if the theme is worth preserving, if the blood is worth the sacrifice. Germans have proven to value their blood. To them, their blood is worth sacrificing for, and so it is likely that some form of socialism with German characteristics will emerge that suits their preservation. 

The Left divorces nationalism from socialism, without giving a transcendental value, that justifies collective sacrifice (socialism). As such, people are not up for socialism.

Why would people be willing to bear the burden of socialism if the only thing you offer is the fleeting fantasy of free stuff? This is why the Left has plans and programs that come and go, which never take root. Without blood-nationalism, the only value that has proven to justify and inspire voluntary collective sacrifice from millions, you are just banging your head against the wall.  This is why Bernie and Yang are up with plans for free stuff, but no one buys it. There is no ethnoracial appeal. It is simply vote buying. Hitler did not build National Socialism on Obamaphones for Everyone.

Democratic Socialists want America to give free healthcare and housing to the whole wide world. Surely, that's a great sacrifice, but does anyone care about the whole wide world? People are willing to give free stuff to their children, even if they don't work for a living (they aren't moving bricks like Lil Tay) because children are a parents' closest relations.  Why would people give free stuff to their most distant non-relations who you can't imagine and aren't friends with? Democratic Socialists are asking of Americans what has no biological-basis or personal basis, and thus of, no inspiration.

Again, the absurdity of Jewish anti-family democratic socialism contrasts sharply with German pro-family national socialism. Gentiles will sacrifice for ethno-socialism, not Jewish socialism.  Asians converted Marxism into ethno-nationalist movements. Ho Chi Min depended on nationalist Vietnamese to kick out the French and the gringo.  North Korea came up with Juche, a socialism of national self-reliance, which also inspired with calls against the Yankee "imperialist bastards," rather than international brotherhood. China came up with socialism with Chinese characteristics and "two-systems one China." Venezuelans have Chavismo, which is unique to Venezuela's mulatto and mixed populations.

History affirms Hitler's view that the economy must serve the volk, the volk does not serve the economy.

This means that socialism must serve the Volk; the Volk does not serve socialism. (Likewise, the church must serve the volk; the volk does not serve the priesthood or foreign gods. That is bio-group behavior demanded by nature, i.e., sustainable volk-teleology.)

Teleology is action for a purpose.  Volk-teology is action for the Volk, the ethnos, the race. Nature demands that a species engage in species-serving behavior.  If a species defaults on what serves its existence, it goes EXTINCT.  What is not sustainable brings extinction and what brings extinction has no merit.  The eternal life of the Volk is the ultimate measure of merit. This is what everyone can comprehend and agree on since it is objective, life-based, and has a foundation in nature. What is contrary to volk teleology, including any moral or religious standards, are artificial and doomed.  Open borders Catholicism assures the end of Catholicism in Europe and the triumph of Islam. If Europe goes Muslim, the world will.

Volk teleology puts the breaks on socialism. What starves the Volk does not serve it. Real nations abandoned Marxist-Leninism within a generation.  Likewise, when you put the profit-motive to the test of volk-teleology, we realize that the profit motive serves businesses and their owners, but not necessarily the long-term biological interests of Volk, which is what nature measures us by.  Volk teleology puts the breaks on capitalism and socialism.

There is no doctrinaire socialism, but a plastic socialism that adjusts with the needs of the Volk. The Volk is eternal, absolute, and unflexible. Socialism yields to its needs. In America, capitalism has the people yield to the needs of production for profit. This assures national and racial extinction. That is the greatest case against capitalism. It is not sustainable on racial grounds.  Hitler saw that long ago.  He is demonized because he wouldn't allow Germans to be washed away from the fae of the earth under pressure from capitalism, communism, and usury.  Hitler had a line in the sand. Americans have no lines and no borders.

You must be a good faith nationalist to be a true socialist.

That is why blood-hating, race-hating, German-hating, Hitler-hating democrats can't sell socialism in America. That's why the Left needs a good-faith nationalist to be their 2020 standard bearer. Apart from President Kraus, there are no good-faith nationalists running in any primary.

Only to Jews and their fools is socialism desired because Jewish socialism is a noose that must be dogmatically-imposed on a population, at the point of a gun or by deceptions, to make Gentiles slaves of a Jewish minority. In the hands of Germans, socialism is a legal way to ban Jews and their subversion to restore health and sovereignty to the Volk. On balance, Germans were better off in an economy in their own hands, one without Jews and their cultural degeneracy, which tore at the fabric of their cultural and racial existence.

Not every group minds Jews. Americans love Jewish porn, Jewish movies, Jewish music, Jewish control over the newspaper and publishing industries, Jewish Bible stories, and open borders capitalism. Americans love the idea of being Jews and having the blessings of Jewish gods. Americans love chopping off the foreskins of their screaming sons. Americans want to be the elect and the chosen.  They have an instinct to be Jews because they have no culture of their own. 

America is where races go to die.

Hitler's Germany is where races learned to live.

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