We live in a masonic theocracy.

This not-so-hidden theocracy, has a basic strategy to divide and conquer, to breed infighting among the people over little things, so that they never become conscious of the big evils done by the RULING SCUM.

This involves dividing people along polarities and having talking heads get enraged to model mindless "triggered" behavior.

This is how the ruling scum engages in social control. They pit the white dog against the black dog and the black dog against the white dog, while the masonic house wins.

Very few people are able to see through the garbage to see how the game is being played.

Ana Kasparian is an easily-triggered person, who is, at heart, a communist. You can imagine she has an instinctual reaction to any sight of inequality. The masonic theocracy thrives on people like her who get triggered and who trigger others in a knee-jerk way. She is no different than a Rush Limbaugh. Both serve the same function. The video below on polarity shows how the occult uses extremes view points to balance out political forces. Our country is almost evenly split, but this only shows how skilled the ruling scum are.

On the Supreme Court, if the court is divided 4-4 liberal to conservative, and there is one Jew to break the tie, the Jew becomes the Supreme Court. It's a TIP THE BALANCE strategy. The more evenly divided political forces are, the smaller the cabal has to be to tip the balance to what it favors.

Consider the reactions Ana Kasparian had to the possibility of Trump's impeachment to my own or Jimmy Dore's.

Ana bought Trump's impeachment trolling hook, line, and sinker. Her reaction didn't make any sense from an electoral victory point of view. Even in the best case, it would be a win the battle lose the war scenario.

Kabbalah Boy Trump understands this occult system and uses polarity, as a blueprint for social control, just as the system desires.

(The video on polarity claims that polarity is "built into the fabric of reality." That is not a metaphysical truth, but a truism. Opposites can be contrived, while real and meaningful opposites can be ignored. "There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, for all are one in Jesus." Kabbalah magick, like crime, is self-defeating, once people see through it.)

It is critical to see through it.

The left has been shitwashed; encouraged to take on micro-identities, embrace degeneracy and wild deceptions; so as to paralyze and loony-ize their struggle against the worst excesses of the Zionist billionaires: war, usury, inflation, impoverishment, intentional debasing of the educational system, and an intentional ruination of the racial stock of the country. 

America is the land where races go to die. Our system of government represents an existential threat to all the races of the world. 

That's the America I see.

That's why we need to get rid of the ruling scum, dissolve the USG, and avoid being triggered by their trolling.


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