Jimmy Dore discusses Kamala Harris and her support for the follies of the military industrial complex.

It's worth noting once again, that Hitler outlawed war profiteering. This meant that war was not a path to profits and endless war a path to greater profits.

The National Socialist Party Program made this clear. As a consequence, Hitler had to keep German wars for self-preservation short and sweet.

Hitler evicted Poland out of Prussia (Germany) in just 36 days. (The War to Evict Poland returned to Slovakia what Imperialist Poland seized in 1938. Did you ever hear that Poland was aggressively threatening other European countries and needed to be spanked?)

Belgium was crossed in 18 days.

Luxembourg in 1 day.

Netherlands in 4 days.

The war with France was over in 45 days.

These were all defensive wars and wars of necessity given the French declaration of war on Germany following the eviction of Poland which was ethnically-cleansing Germans out of their own traditional lands in Prussia. Hitler was mindful to keep the wars short and sweet for the sake of everyone.

Nice Hitler.

Blitzkrieg deprived the military industrial complex of profits of long-term no-objective wars.

In America,  the war establishment profits not by conquest of foreign countries, but by renewed contracts year after year.

Vietnam lasted 17.4 years (a nice masonic number 17 and 74).

The wars in the Middle East are going on over 25 years.

John McCain wanted 100 years of war. 

Now you know why WASPs and Jews demonize blitzkrieg.

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