You bet there's somebody else.

FAKE NATIONALIST Donald Trump and his party of Jews represent RAPE, INCEST, and ZIONISM.  That's what the GOP stands for.

Our country needs a good faith nationalist who can solve our racial problems with benevolent solutions; not unnessary racial agitation from a Zionist lunatic who is leading us to civil war. 

Racist Rhodes Scholars can't solve our racial problems.  They are foreign enemies, not good faith nationalists.

Wonk supremacists can't solve our racial problems.  The Rhodes Scholars created the Wonks.  These phonies got us here. They can't get us out.

Jews can't solve our racial problems. Jews will fight a race war down to the last schvartza.






Only Present Kraus can get us out of here because President Kraus has the right words for politics.


There's a big difference between German socialism and Jewish socialism.

German socialism is about volk-sovereignty from the international clique (British and Jews) who control nations using debt slavery.  Of course Bernie talks the talk, but he doesn't challenge usury.  All he does is make the government bailout the indebted:


"...purchase student loans that are held by banks or other private lenders. The government would pay the unpaid principal, accrued unpaid interest and any late charges owed to a private student lender—and then it would forgive the loan."


That's just another bankers' bailout. Instead of subprime housing loans, the government is buying up subprime student loans.  Then he wants to make education free with more government subsidies, as if higher education is a right or something that everyone should bother with, or that has value at all. In many cases, college is an absolute life-destroying, family-destroying, soul-destroying waste of time.

If college is all about getting a good job, there are many good paying trade jobs that require on the job experience more than formal education. Instead of four years sitting around, someone in the workforce gets real experience, contacts, and can try out at least 4 jobs to find out what they really want. Compare that to switching majors and ending up with a job that doesn't match the degree you studied for. That's a 70% higher education failure rate.


The top career findings for each major track were the expected ones. For example, engineering grads were mostly likely to work in industrial and mechanical engineering for their first job (20 percent), followed by software development (13 percent). Language and philosophy grads went into education first (17 percent) and journalism and writing (10 percent).

After those jobs, however, the report starts to look more like the findings from a study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which found that only 27 percent of college graduates work in a field related to their major.



All of this was by intention. To top it off, Sanders pushes the Maoist Green New Deal that will have everyone making solar panels in their back yard, while starving themselves to death in the process. You may not like that characterization, but Trump will use it and it will be effective.

The Green New Deal just shitwashes Sanders campaign, as it is meant to, so that a real anti-usury campagin never emerges. Bernie the Jew isn't going after the Rothschild's money maker. He is bailing that crowd out, under the guise of helping students  repay for their loans; (which they will, on their own, over time.)  Free stuff isn't an electoral winner.  

Everyone knows there's a price to pay for free stuff. Student loans will be paid by taxpayers, which means the  super rich with $200,000 debts to Harvard will spread their debts out on those who never went to college.  That's how the rich get richer, by "socializing" their losses. That's the price to pay for free stuff. I thought Bernie is for the working class? I thought all the progressives were for the working class? Do the working class have student loans to pay off? Or did they never go to college in the first place? College is about status and only status. Some people are blessed to be too stupid and too poor to play the status game which could entrap them in over-priced college debts. Bailouts for the wonks won't play to everyone. Bernie, like Warren, serves the banker billionaires, knowingly or not.  You can be sure it is knowingly. 


The same is true about poverty.  Young people will be in "poverty" when they have children, especially, when the cock runs off. It's normal. After ten or twenty years, they get out of it. Turning that into a national crisis is hysteria.  Poverty is better seen as a stage in life.  Unnecessary poverty is an insult and shame to the system, but not self-induced poverty.

The truth on Sanders is that his support is less than 25% it was in 2016.  Why people support him at this point is beyond me, except, that they have no where else to go.  It's clear to me that Sanders will end up like Ron Paul.  The sooner progressives wake up to that fact the better.

To emphasize the point, if the poor took a vow of poverty, would Bernie have anything to run on? He has no messages left. He is a contrast to the system, and mirrors its bankruptcy. The vow-of-poverty poor would have no need for a free-stuffist.

By contrast, they can still be good faith nationalists and can still beat Trump.  Real nationalism puts people above money, and people are blood-unities with a blood-origin and a blood-destiny.

Good faith nationalism wins against Trump because that is the essence of politics.  That's what democrats lack. That's why they will lose to FAKE nationalist Trump, because a fake nationalist is better than no nationalist, as far as winning goes. So democrats better find a good faith nationalist fast.


british invasion.jpg


German socialism address the financial sodomy of the ruling scum: debt slavery, bailouts, and public funding of Zionism; which could be stopped immediately.

British and Jewish socialism create hysteria around hoax events for political ends: mass shootings to get gun control, global warming to get carbon taxes, micro-identities to outlaw microaggressions to get censorship.  As such, a biological socialism can't emerge to discipline the ruling scum.  The British don't like being disciplined because they are the ruling scum. The Rhodes Mafia calls such discipline, "German despotism."  Rather, it is what nature demands.

Jewish socialism is not racial husbandry. It is predatory politics on non-British and non-Jewish races.

Jewish socialism is easy to demonize:


socialist-first failure.PNG


Since the collapse of Communism, the Left didn't really own up to anything about it. Now this is coming back to haunt them. After all, it was FDR who made an ally out of Stalin and communism, and he was known as a mass murderer well before the start of WWII.  People were starved to death, reduced to animals, and force to kill and eat their own children. The same thing happened in Mao's China, and who knows where else. This is what Jewish socialism is meant to do to Gentiles. It is meant to reduce them to animals because that is what Jews think if Gentiles.  What's ironic is that the GOP has more in common with mass murder communism, if only the Left critiques Zionism. 

We live in a masonic theocracy that runs out of the British Empire, which still exists today, as a British stealth empire, or "commonwealth."

Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks Zionist world domination.

Zionism aims to put Gentiles under the Noahide laws.

The Noahide laws demand Kosher slaughter for Gentiles who are atheists or Christians ("idolaters").

Can't democrats take a stand against the Republicans who support the Kosher slaughter of Gentiles? That's what it means to be a Zionist. It's come to a street near you.

GOP = Guillotine Our People

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