Radical mean change.

Is it illegal to change your mind?

Is it illegal to change the minds of others, as a content creator?

Is it illegal or wrong to get radicalized by the internet?

The demonization of change is ridiculous.





The right to radicalize is the right to change.

Life is change.

The notion that a person might get "radicalized" demonizes the whole point of the internet and the whole point of free speech.

To stop this insanity, like all the insanity of our masonic theocracy, we must destroy the masonic theocracy.

We also need to deplatform the NYTimes, youtube, facebook, and twitter from the stock exchange.

If they want to play dirty, we play dirty.

Those fools who conspire to twist words, those who play this masonic shell game, of putting thought under the banner of radical, and demonizing the radical, will pay the price. 

The only forces that have the power to destroy the internet are those who created it, the masonic theocracy. That in the long run must be destroyed.



What harm is there in changing your mind?

What harm is there in changing the minds of others?

What harm is spreading information that people can use that might change their minds?






What is National Socialism?

National Socialism is Germanic folkwisdom that stands the test of time.

National Socialism is biopolitics.

National Socialism said "Do whatever you like that serves the volk."

Do whatever you like (individualism) that serves the volk (collectivism).

This put selfishness in service to the common good.

National Socialism solved the conflict between extreme WASP individualism and extreme Jewish collectivism, with volk-teleology.

Nature demands that a species serve itself, or else it goes EXTINCT.

For a species to survive, the individual units must serve the species.

The pursuit of happiness without a larger collective purpose becomes degeneracy.

Duty to the volk is your pursuit of happiness. 

The nature tells us that the volk must be the object of human action; it is the only sustainable conception of values and behavior.

The Germanic volk is the absolute. The volk connects ancestors to posterity, history to destiny. It is a transcendal concept that provides meaning in an, otherwise, nihilistic universe. You are never alone, if you are work for the Volk.

National Socialism emphasized the eternal life of the Volk, as the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the origin of values, and the duty of life; as a contrast to, atomizing individualism.




fascism versus nihilism.png



National Socialism understands the intuitive. You can't look at the above meme without getting its message. It is sub-rational. You don't even have to be literate to see the superiority of one expression over the other.

The bias of man is towards health, strength, and beauty. 

Those who "fear" National Socialism fear that it was right all along.

That is the great thing the world will have to come to terms with.

The British empire fell apart right after the war.  The Soviet Union fell apart in 1989. America is falling apart as we speak. The public doesn't buy the lies of the masonic theacracy anymore. The gears of the machine will start to freeze. If these were such great systems, they should have lasted 1000 years after the war, or at least 100!

National Socialism stands for health, strength, and beauty. Because it does, it attracts the young and the best elements of society. It can never be shut down. It will always come forth, as long as, people are disgusted with the world they see.

National Socialism stands for health, strength, and beauty, and its origin in the blood.

Without "good blood," i.e., good genetics, science tells us, you will be at the mercy of illness and, unnecessary, suffering.

Why would you want to inflict illness and suffering on yourself or others?

You're a good person, right?

What kind of world do you want to reincarnate into, if such, is possible? A world of genetic monstrosities trapped in crippled bodies that give out at age 40, or statuesque bodies that last a century? 

National Socialism is common sense.

Would you want to reincarnate into a Jew with all the mental afflictions, they are known, to have? Would any Jew want to take another spin as a Jew in the next life? The Jew should want to reincarnate into higher life forms and shed his shell. The Jew should preserve the German, serve the German, worship the German. So, too, should the WASP, who has no racial discipline, and is afflicted with conehead genetics from Egypt. From what we know, Jews reincarnate as chickens and crow, Happy Hannukah.  From there, they become chicken wings to the blacks for owning black slaves back in the day. Reparations and karma.



The greatest radical, the greatest agent of change, was Adolf Hitler. He converted millions of communists to National Socialism, thereby, unifying Germany, and winning political power. Name anyone else who converted millions to National Socialism?

No conservative could be said to have converted millions of communists to milk-toast conservatism.

Hitler was a radical. He understood the nature of conversion. He understood the intuitive. 

He didn't need a 1000-page Bible, Human Action, or Atlas Shrugged  to win power.

He didn't use dog-whistles to win power. He layed it out openly.

All people want it layed out openly.


Everyone with a duh-gree from one of those cult universities (Harvard, Yale, Stanfords, Oxford) wants to control what people think based on their pseudo-authority and artificial prestige, not on reproducible or verifiable facts.

The hoax shootings of the "tree of life" synagogue and the New Zealand mosque, mean the death of Gentile free speech; and are being used to demonize the internet as a tool of radicalization.



The masonic theocracy gave Americans the illusion that our society is based on political freedom, which is, the right to radicalize (change minds) through free speech: the words you say, the campaigns you support, the votes you cast.

Now they are doing away with the illusion, and the fist is coming out because the truth is coming out, and the masonic theocracy can't survive the truth.

The real civil war to come will be, not left versus right, but the real Gentiles versus the (((Great Satan))); the 90 percent of the public versus the Zionist WASP and Zionist Termite insectoids.

The insectoids need censorship for their lies to triumph.




Demonizing the activity of changing minds is a larger step in demonizing "hate."

We know "the fucking Jews" are out to demonize hate.

There is no such thing as hate.

Hate does not exist.

There is thought. Thought exists. We are supposed to have freedom of thought.

And, if hate exists, since when is it wrong to hate your enemies? Jews hate Gentiles. They celebrate their hatred and murder of Gentiles at Purim.

When Jews have power, Jews don't gas their victims.

Jews torture them in the cruelest of ways.





The lesson of Jesus nailed to the Cross is never be at the mercy of Jews.




The Czar was at the mercy of Jews.

They killed his whole family.


diary swastika.PNG


If enemies exist, we have a duty to hate them and destroy them. Those who really run our country feel that way about us.

This is how our government works.

It is a two-faced masonic theocracy that wants free speech to go just one way.

When deception is the masonic means of war, what counts is not truth, but what people think is the truth.

Thus, controlling access to information is necessary to have "full spectrum dominance." 




That is why MASONIC google and MASONIC youtube censor truth, by first smearing it as hate, and then banning it.


This is an issue of respect.

The Jews and WASPs don't respect us.

This is why we must bring back the communal sacrifice of Jews.

My suggestion is this.

The law is what is best for the community.

Is it best for the community to have its voices censored by Jews?


Is it best to sacrifice Jews who wish to censor the voices of the community.


Thus, we should sacrifice the worst Jews to the god of your choice.

My preference, and it is only a preference, is that we sacrifice Jews to Odin because he is the god of free speech and freedom of thought; the winning of knowledge through ordeal.

Thus, he would be most deserving of community sacrifice.

The side benefit, or indeed the prime benefit, is that the worst elements of society would be eliminated. That is the function of religion. 

When the Romans threw Jews to the lions, life was good.

This is how you, the Gentiles, get respect from Termites and WASPs.



If the people of today would like turn make America a national socialist society, that’s their right.

The two most people politicians in 2016 were nationalist Trump and socialist Sanders.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Hitler was so popular because he put nationalism and socialism together to make National Socialism.

Any normal homogeneous society would become national socialist, in the long run, were it not for sand in our gears, nation-wreckers, Jews and WASP imperialism.



The 2020 election has legitimized nationalism and socialism, and thus, National Socialism.

The rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler, the SS, and National Socialist doctrines has begun.

These are useful solutions to our problems today: from the military industrial complex, to usury and debts, to open borders, the importance of family, the fundamental of racial identity and meaning (in a world of drugs and suicide), to the corruption of masonry, various types of self-righteous degeneracy that wants its rights and access to children... and the danger of Jews who foment nihilism and mass ignorance, exemplified by their shutting down of websites and youtube channels that answer people’s deepest needs and spread the news and warnings of nation-wreckers.

British values of “buy-more” and “suck cock” explain why the British Empire fell.  The Jews will Jew and Gentiles will have to be beat Jews in the streets, until Jews learn to respect Gentiles again. This is a repeated pattern in history.

Nothing can prevent this.


What does google care, if people are “radicalized.”

It's none of their "business."

Isn't that what capitalism is supposed to be about. The customer is always right.

If the customer wants counter-Jew videos and counter-Jew information, the viewer is right.

Radical means change.

People have a right to change. They have a right to change their political system. 

If National Socialism inspires people to change their society, to fight a masonic theocracy that has a history of mass murder, is it not their right, to change the system?

In this land of, rights upon rights, including the right to shove your forearm up your fellow man’s ass, don't we have the right to Hitler, like it's 1488?

National Socialism is Germanic folk wisdom that stands the test of time, i.e., truth.

There's NOTHING wrong with National Socialism.


National Socialism solve the problem of class warfare.  Class warfare and atomizing isolating individualism are artificial behaviors contrary to nature's call of duty. i.e., volk-service.

Do whatever you like that serves the volk.

British individualism tells you to express yourself, pursuit happiness, do what thou wilt. This only leads to degeneracy, perversion, self-destruction and volk destruction.

We can see that the American way is doomed. 

We can only sustain ourselves when freedom is under biological discipline. The British call this "German despotism."

Nature demands what serves the volk be the ultimate aim of earthly action.




A right is a necessity of existence. We have a right to self-preservation. We have a right to know what is going on. We have a right to honest truthful government. That makes a two-faced masonic theocracy illegitimate on its face.

We have the right to change it.

We have the right to radicalize, to be agents of change, to stand for change, to be change.

Didn't Obama run on a campaign of CHANGE?

Obama radicalized and became president.

The hypocrisy of our masonic theocracy is one of its trademarks.



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