The post-war regime in Germany never had the authentic support of the German people.

Their support was with the Third Reich, which was affirmed by their democratic-election of Adolf Hitler and several plebicites which Hitler used to confirm or reconfirm his party's program.

When tens of millions of people mobilize for war to fight to preserve their German-serving regime, it is ludicrous to claim, as ALL-LIES do, that you are liberating Germans from something which they take, as protecting, their rightful interests. 

Their interests were righteous: freeing themselves from the stealing by "foreign reparations" for a war they did not start and merging themselves under a German-serving government that would protect them from murder by ethnic-cleansing. Both conditions murder and plunder were objectives of the Versailles Treaty. The Versailles Treaty is more aptly named the Versailles Genocide.

The history of the ruling scum likes to say Germans were "humiliated" and fell into Hitler's hands.

Was it humiliation, as if, they lost a masonic ball-game? Or was it the objective danger of murder and plunder; at being at the mercy of merciless foreign powers, such as, the Soviet Union, which championed mass murder communism, and was fully fed and backed by WASPDOM's America and Britain? How was Germany liberated, when half went to mass murder mass rape communism?

Once the Third Reich was destroyed murder and ethnic cleaning was unleashed on millions of Germans.

Germans have been stateless since 1945. 

A state is a vision for a people that cultivates them and their best interests.

What Germans are in now is a state of genocide, where the fake state demonizes them for things they did not do, without redress to law, evidence, or the right of self-preservation. That's genocide.

The fake state indoctrinates Germans in self-hate, makes their living conditions impossible, and works to prevent Germans from the ability to  reproduce anymore. Thus, we see mass attacks on their children in forced indoctrination, so that Germany "do away with" themselves. That's genocide. All of this must end before it's too late.

Hitler evicted Poland out of Prussia. Prussia is Germany. Polish authority had no business in Prussia, especially, as it was murdering Germans. Hitler did not invade Poland. Hitler evicted a genocidal government out of German liberating Germans from the murder of a foreign regime.

Self-defense is exculpatory.

Millenials love to say #HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG.

Millenials are the future.

Hitler was the Liberator, not the ALL-LIES.

It is critical that Americans get off the masonic history hoax and watch Adolf Hitler: Greatest Story NEVER Told.

As president and leading up to the presidency, I will make sure everyone watches it at least once.

We can see the same pattern in the calls for war with Venezuela and the effort to steal their oil.

The post-war regime unleashed the starvation of soldiers and the mass rape of women and girls. This repudiates the Allied project. For more information on that, the American public must be shown on national television, the documentary, Hellstorm.

American slavery was just a soft prelude to the never-ending malice we see by the masonic regime against Germans and Germany, and by extention, the people of the world.

Every single state and federal politician will be required to watch that documentary.

This will put an end to America's chest-beating over the ashes of Europe.


The major benefit of my campaign to dissolve the USG, the masonic theocracy, is to end the US war on Germans, German history, and German culture, and Europe, generally. This is the whole point. We must stop the military and cultural firebombing of our racial roots in Europe. 

The US is the central factor in the genocide of Europe.

Only Americans can put an end to this genocidal masonic regime.

As a presidential candidate, there are asymmetric things I can do, least of which is to raise awareness and give a framework for action:



1. Remind Europeans of what the law is.

The law is what is best for the community. The law is what is best for the volk.

Is it best for the volk to be invaded by foreign groups? No.

Is it best for the community that these foreign groups of military age men be expelled or put to death? Absolutely.

Is it best for the community to destroy the politicians who allowed this to happen?


Is it best for the community to give absolute amnesty to allow the men of the community to take care of business, as long as, they serve the volk?




2. Deputize or be willing to deputize the men of Europe to take radical action that results in a restoration of their sovereignty.


This is one of the best tools in our box which can cut Sweden or Austria in half from their corrupt national capitols, consolitate a beachhead and position of strength, to then seize the capitol and wipe out the agents of treachery. With the full support of a presidential candidate this can go far.

We need to get serious about results on the ground. The girls and grandmothers and their peace of mind demand nothing less.



3. Indicting or be willing to indict or warning of the indictment of agents of treachery must be voiced from serious politicians.


Angela Merkel and those like her, need to know they will be hunted down like the nazis they loathe and burned at the stake. (Note that Merkel's shaking is just a hoax. Merkel's vibrator is doing all the shaking. If this was real, the reaction and concern would be authentic. With all that padding on her, it is easy to conceal a vest and a vibrator.)



4. Call out the wrongs of the fake German government.

This includes a rejection of hoax elections in that "democratic" republic.  Only 18 of 61 candidates are allowed to stand for election.

Only two months ahead of the vote, the region’s election committee banned most of the AfD candidates. Only 18 of their 61 candidates currently tied for first place in the region in many polls, will be able to run, Tagesspiegel reported.

The genocidal dictatorship imposed on Germany is immune to democratic change.

This foreign system can only be ended by the outside, but those in the United States.

By rejecting the election results ahead of time, we can affirm that a tyranny has been imposed on Germany, that it  has no legitimacy, that a real or supposed holocaust of Jews does not legitimize a real genocide of Germans. Just as we must dissolve the US masonic theocracy, we must dissolve the post-war state in Germany. 

By doing so according to this map, we can, unite like with like, wherein the Germans of America, in  GREEN can unite with Germans of Germany. This would create a polity capable of volk-teleology, which would be a healthy role model for all other regions and countries. 

I use generic terms chili states (yellow), rib states (red), corn states (green), and cranberry states (purple) to give working names to the regions. 

My name preference for the green states is GERMANIA GRANDE. 

Of course, it is not all German, and doesn't need to be. Most of the people there are the same people, as those, who run from Sweden to Italy and can, of course, get along and cultivate a much better society without WASP and Jew genocide of Europe and the children of Europe.


DISSOLVE_DC  003.png



Since most Germans in the US vote democratic, this can be an important decision factor in who their candidate might be for president.

Note that I am not working for a foreign government, as zionists do. Rather, I am out to destroy a genocidal government imposed on Germany and Germans that has its origin in the United States. 

Almost no one concerned about the fate of Europe sees the migration problem this way. They just assume Europeans are retared and can't fight off migration invasions. Americans are intoxicated by their arrogance and evils to the point where they can never take responsbility for what their government does to the people of foreign countries. They are too invested in flag-waving.

This emotional attachment to the flag must be burned.

What good president can allow this atrocity of genocidal globalist fake states to continue?

Who among the candidates has the concern or guts to do something that will end the American-backed institutional genocide of Europe?



Here is the latest on the genocide in Germany with direct quotes.

The fake state secret police in Germany is smearing a German identity and preservation group, as "extremist," which allows it to spy on the group. In a formal statement, BfV President Thomas Haldenwang said the group:

"ultimately aims to exclude people of non-European origin from democratic participation and to discriminate against them in a way that infringes their human dignity."

"These verbal fire-raisers question people's equality and dignity, they speak of foreign infiltration, boost their own identity to denigrate others and stoke hostile feelings towards perceived enemies."


Why do non-Europeans have the right to participate in European democracy? Isn't this ridiculous.

Does Israel allow non-Israelis to run Israel?

If a society cannot exclude friend from foe, family from foreigner, it has no capacity to exist.

That is the end of nationhood. That's genocide.

Rights to foreigners means genocide for natives.

That is the whole point of open-borders globalism, to cancel out the votes of natives, so they are disenfranchised, and forced under the exterminationist boot of hostile enemies.

The only thing Germans can do is keep shooting until Merkel and her minions respects you.

That's self-defense. That's civil rights...German style.


The spy agency that the criminal Haldenwang leads conducted a staged decapitation of a truther inside Germany's intelligence service. The lying media claimed that a cellphone video that showed right-wing mobs attacking migrants over the murder of a German citizen in Chemnitz by two failed asylum seekers.

According to the respected blog Tichys Einblick, the video actually documented migrants attacking Germans, not Germans "hunting" migrants. The second in command was fired for telling the truth, exposing the coverup of migrant murder and violence.

Who replaced the loyal German? A Turkish-born intelligence operative.

The policy of genocide is obvious.

This type of crap is a regular feature of post-war lunacy imposed on Germans by the "LIEBORATORS."

The "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" becomes an office of lies and genocide; and the ruling scum imposed on Germany will have to be removed by brute force and hanged, if American influence can't get rid of it, through alternative means.

That's only possible with a President Kraus.

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