A leader gets people what they need to do their job.

Hitler was the "teacher and alerter" of his people.

Does Donald Trump teach?  Does he alert?

What does he do, once he stokes the public for a few points in the polls? 

He lets them rot.

If Ilan Omar is a problem, why doesn't he have her arrested and executed?

Because he is full of shit. 

If the border is a problem, Donald Trump hasn't given the border guards and concentration camp commanders a wall to make their job easier.

Because he is full of shit.

If fake news is a problem, why doesn't big Donald get the big Jew media for fraud?

Because he is full of shit.

You could go down the line where Donald Trump is a failed leader.

His modus operandi was revealed in his handling of the Muslim ban. If Muslims need a ban, you stop selling tickets to enter the country. That grandfathers-in those who are on the planes. Because attention-whore Trump wanted a scene at the airports, he had them banned at touchdown. This is unfair to them and the country.

Is his way the right way to do policy? To  create the most choas? That's the masonic way of doing things. Masonry is designed to polarize. From then on, his policy was trapped in the courts. The public is left with more Muslims than ever.

Because he is full of shit.

Once the courts concede to Trump, he can take his victory lap. 

Only degenerates would find this the right way to run a country. In the real world, Donald Trump would be fired.

All of this Omar bin Laden non-sense is from masonic fraud Rand Paul and Donald Trump.  These filthy WASP degenerates believe that if you give the victims of WASP mass murder a chicken nugget, they should be thankful to be in America.


You killed our people, you motherfuckers. That's why there are so many millions of victims of US wars in this country. Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc. etc. etc.

These dirty WASPs are worse than Jews.

The WASP is the Jew-enabler; the protector of Jews; and the murderer of nations.

They destroy native countries, bring over the refugees to rape and deracinate the children, and then tell people to go back to where they came from, if they don't kiss WASP-ass and all things WASP. They love war to make war orphans; to rape them in their masonic cults and their blackmail rings.

That's how WASPDOM works.



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