A major theme of my campaign is to emphasize that we live in a masonic theocracy.

Masonry is a two-faced religion that demands zionist world domination.

This means that a masonic theocracy is also a zionist theocracy.

The masonic element demands that you accept the official stories full of holes.

The zionist element demands that you accept unlimited US support for Israel without question.

If you violate either of these rails, you are deplatformed, stripped of your standing, and kicked out of your professional life. They don't chop your head off yet, but it is theocracy just the same when they attack your livelihood and hope to starve you out.

The British and Jews are masters of using famine as a war weapon.

This is what the big fat homos in the military are fighting for...a zionist-masonic theocracy...imposing gay rights aroud the world. That's what freedom means to the ruling scum.

Occult observers should note the following blog posts from Zachary Hubbard on the gematria of the Dome of the Rock and the predictive programming for an event on August 11, 2019.




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