The key to communist rule is to control people by the belly. The key to British power is to have the world at the mercy of key resources it controls: gold for the gold standard, oil in the industrial age, credit and financial pipelines in the Bretton-Woods debt-era, authority over information (climate data) and history (holocaust/Epstein/bin Laden/JFK bodies), and now rare earth metals. This facilitates imperial rent-seeking.

Like Jews, the British don't have the manpower to rule the world, but that is their ambition per the Rhodes Mafia. They use stealth, secret societies, and depraved social engineering efforts (Tavistock Institute/Fabian Society) to multiply their power.

The deep state is British: masonry, Rhodes Scholars, CFR, the Federal Reserve, international institutional controls (League of Nations/UN/World Bank/IMF).  Agents of Israel/AIPAC advance British interests; and should be identified as of British origin.  Just because you rebrand an empire to a commonwealth doesn't mean you aren't acting as a genocidal empire.

The ethno-British Rhodes Mafia via JP Morgan wanted to buy up all the 25 most influential newspapers in the United States before WWI. This was their first initiative towards media consolidation, which is why we have only 6 major media firms in America. That gives us a controlled media, by quasi-government agents, affiliated and affirming British imperialism.

This media power allowed the British to push us into WWI, WWII, the Gulf War, and the Iraq War overcoming visible public opposition; wars which advanced genocidal British geopolitics. 


Are the British really that powerful?

The short answer is that we have been recaptured by the British as a de facto colony with the approval of the leadership of British origin some 100 year ago. The British are powerful because our military is their colonial army advancing British interests around the world.  Our empire is their empire.

Thus, the British Empire is as powerful as their ability to influence US policies to serve their geopolitics and social engineering objectives. They have our media to be that influential.

Because people of British origin approved of collaborating with a veritable British enemy, reversing the US revolution, we had and have no national defense against British subversive activity.

FDR didn't stop British agents like mason/MI6 agent Aleister Crowley and others from influencing American opinion or politics to drive us into WWII. Donald Trump does nothing to stop Rhodes Scholars Buttigieg or Booker or CFR Tulsi from influencing our campaigns.  The Russia story is just a side show to distract and prevent a real debate about British influence.

The UN is a British invention to maximize the voting power of British-affiliated colonies. The British have far more influence than Russia or France.

The CIA was started by the British and the CIA has been outed as involved in Hollywood. That's where all this masonic culture comes from to get into pop culture. Yes, Jews run Hollywood because that's how the British operate. If Mr. Worthington IV ran the porn industry, it would come off badly. Notice how the objectives of George Soros parallel the objectives of the British empire: to weaken Europe, push equality, and open borders to the whole world. Europe has no national or collective defense serving its genuine life-interests.


Why do we have these Jew wars?  Because they are British wars...

Israel is a British colony; it was started by the British by the Balfour Declaration.

The Queen knighted Shimon Peres who accepted knighthood on behalf of the state of Israel.

To be a knight is to be a servant; meaning the state of Israel serves the British Empire. It is a servant state, not a sovereign state. 

The offer of knighthood is an insult to state sovereignty. 

No genuine state on the world's stage is a servant of another.  No real state would accept knighthood.  Israel did meaning it is a FAKE state.  Those who wish to boycott Israel are better off making this fact clear and boycotting England. It's not illegal to boycott the British.

Since a state is a vision for a people, it means that Israelis qua Jews are servants of the British empire.

When the current fake state of Germany "exists solely for the state of Israel," it means the FAKE STATE "BRD" exists, solely, for the British empire.  This also means that Germans are a stateless people. No regime in the world represents their national life interests; these interests are to be denied worldwide.

This is the genocide.

Israel would not exist without the British.

If Israel did 911, the British did 911.  The BBC reported the collapse of Building 7 before it collapsed. The masonic dimension to 911 is British, not Islamic. 

The Rothschilds are knights serving the British empire.  The Queen knighted Alan Greenspan. This means the Federal Reserve serves the British empire. The first chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank was a  Skull and Bonesman. This means Skull and Bones serves the Queen. SAB Bush 41 and SAB 43 both served up the US military to advance genocidal British geopolitics into the Middle East; with Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton in the middle and admitting that starving 500,000 Iraqis is "worth it."

The British even worked to get Pope Francis elected (see Pepinster British coup).  If the British can pick the pope with diplomatic influence, it would explain why the Pope is anti-European.

Is the British Empire still so powerful?



Like Poland to trigger WWII, the British produced Israel as a sacred cow to advance genocidal British geopolitics from Palestine to India to stab Russia in its underbelly; and to control Europe by British control over Europe's rightful access to Middle Eastern oil.

Europe and Asia are naturally integrated by land and railroads; not sea. Germany is the natural point of contact for that technology.

The book A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics shows how the British sabotaged two railroads that would have brought France and Germany together in a Paris-to- Beijing line; and a Berlin-to-Baghdad line that was entered voluntarily between the Kaiser and the Ottomans. This gave Germany 40KM of oil rich land on either side of the track and would have given Europe oil independence. Notice this is constructive German geopolitics, peaceful and voluntary, and mutually beneficial.

That line needed a piece through Serbia. The British didn't want this line to exist. 

When the Archduke was shot, triggering WWI, this ended the railroad, the Ottoman Empire, and Europe's direct access to oil. Who really pulled the trigger? The real or fake, the Dreyfus Affair had a Jew star, in a case of, German spying on France, casting Germany as a French enemy; killing the railroad to China that would have bypassed Hong Kong and other British ports. Dreyfus was acquitted, but the damage to Europe's peace was eternal.

A key fact in this is Kuwait. Kuwait was produced not with Ottoman approval, but with a non-governmental nomad; granting a British lease to perpetuity.  Kuwait was Ottoman territory, then suspiciously, "British."

Saddam accused Kuwait (the British) of stealing Iraqi oil. When Saddam took Kuwait, he was ending false British claims to the territory. Bush 41 said the US didn't have any interest in the territorial integrity of Kuwait; until Thatcher pushed us into war. US soldiers were saving a false British claim.  I'm sure the dolts who fight wars for our McFreedoms are thankful their commanding officers fully-informed them of what they are fighting for.

The US is a de facto British colony. These Jew wars are British wars.

The book makes a great case that the natural geographic position of Germany to develop Arabia would have meant an oil independent Europe; not at the mercy of the British or American navies; a stable Middle East and no Israel. That would have made Europe invincible to British balance of power politics.

The British destruction of Germany was an effort to destroy a sovereign Europe.

This is the key to white genocide: the British hand.

The Hooten Plan is from a Rhodes Scholar. Donald Ewen Cameron had his own plans to genocide Germans through sterilization. These are just the ones known publicly. 

Every bias is taken against legitimate German interests. Douglas Murray is one of those phonies who talks about the suicide of Europe and the Strange Death of Europe. There is nothing strange about it. It's murder by the hands of the British.

The British have institutional control in ways that Jews don't.  The British empire preceded and created Israel.

If Jews declare war on Germany or finance communism in Russia, who tolerates that to happen? The British and Brito-Americans who are the ruling class.

Germans had to invade the vast Soviet Union to save themselves from communism. The British could invade the little City of London, but they don't; that's a key to their world domination.




A big problem in white nationalism is who is white. As far as the British are concerned, whites are Jews (Jared Taylor) and the British (Benjamin Franklin).  

Franklin said the Swedes, Germans, and Russians are SWARTHY.  Later generations said Irish weren't white, Italians weren't white, and Germans were Huns to be wiped off the face of the earth. If there is a rational reason why white nationalism doesn't take off, that is it.  Spencer's White Zionism now makes sense; as does the nose-diving of nationalism by "white" leaders.

EMJ's Slaughter of the (ethno-) Cities in America foreshadowed Anglo-American firebombing of German cities in Europe, (the real holocaust), the destruction of Europe, and its survival strategies (large families).


Why are the British so anti-German and anti-European?

We are dealing with two different races here.

A two-faced masonic British/Jew race versus Europeans. 

A white race versus a peach race, as I put it. 

I don't think the British are a European or Germanic people; which was Hitler's real mistake to assume.

Churchill said "the British are with Europe, not of it."

The truth is, they are not with Europe because they are not of it; they do not have Europe's interests at heart.

The British want Europe at its mercy; which makes the British an absolute and festering existential threat to Europeans.

The appeal of masonry to the British suggests that the British are some type of North African population; where the British are cousin race to Jews through the conehead pharaohs.

70 percent of British males go back to King Tut, whose father was Akhenaten/Moses (see Ahmed Osman). This would make the large and dominate portion of British, Kohens and Levites. That's why the British protect the Jews so much.  Both groups circumcise, are Zionists, have strong interests in Egypt/Exodus and Egyptian symbols; their empires (Soviet, American, British, Israeli) invaded and destroyed almost every gentile nation on earth to control resources or suppress Gentile control over those resources; and push atrocity propaganda.  No other groups on earth compare to them. Unlike CI, we can say, the British are a type of (newly discovered) Jew killing Europe.  Nothing to be proud of.

You need more than fair skin to be Aryan. You need a truth-seeking soul.  British gas-lighting is a sophisticated and unique form of malicious subversive dishonesty. The difference in racial soul suggests a different race.  The Shabbos Goy thesis can't account for the insanity of Josh Hawley, McCain, Romney, Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Clinton. There is a genetic mentality there. There is simple more than one fair-skinned race on earth, as there are, many dark skinned races. By realizing that, we can end the annihilation of Europe and its peoples, by scrutinizing the secret relationship between the British and the Jews.

We can sustain the claim that Jews run the world, if we affirm that the British are Jews, i.e., a type of Jew; with a similar parasitical mode of life, a dishonest mental orientation, and grave hostility to the gentile nations of the world, particularly, Europe.

Or, we may say, that Jews are Jews and the British are the dominate force that uses Jews against Gentiles. 

As it is, France pursues nuclear and Germany pursues solar as a reaction to escape the British noose. 

Trump's effort to destroy the NORDSTREAM gas pipeline from Russia and the coup against Bolivia, which canceled German access to a rare earth mining contract, essential for solar and electric cars, illustrate this genocide towards Europe's economic lifeblood.




This must be acknowledged and repudiated for Europe to survive; and why dissolving the USG into regional ethno-states that are in tune with Europe, not against it, and that ban Jews and British agents, is a necessity of Europe's survival; and to which the best of us should be committed.

The British require perpetual discord and sabotage of Europe's interests and world peace to maintain their power over Europe. If they stop, the world moves on without them. That's why there is a constant drumbeat of intractable crises pushed on us.


Jewish domination of institutions lasts about 50 years.

a) 50 years after 1917, Jews lost their founding and dominant position in the Soviet Union by 1967, and were refusniks.

b) 50 years after the Jews founded the Jesuits in 1540, by 1590, Gentile Jesuits were vigorously removing them from influence.

c) 50 years after the official founding of Israel in 1947, the First Intifada was in full swing in 1997.


British domination lasts about 100 years.

a) the British stole New Amsterdam in 1673.  By 1776, independence was declared.

b) the British took India in 1858. By 1947, the British left.


Muslim domination lasts 200 years.


Jewish domination, today, is facilitated by British domination. 

Who gives Israel its lifeblood in arms and finance?

Who entertains the Jew as a sacred cow of history?

The Anglo-American establishment gives the Jew everything they ask for: equality, privilege, legal loopholes, the right to run vital and sensitive positions.


The key to Jewish power is British power. It is a symbiotic relationship. Ordinarily, Europeans could and would discipline or destroy Jews as necessary. The British make it bad or illegal to discipline Jews.

This is why I wrote, "You can’t beat the Jews, if you don’t first beat the British. British geopolitics (and equal rights for all) enables Jewish domination; the way AIDS enables infection to kill the patient."

The analogy of the British to AIDS is apt; where the Jew is cancer, infection, and pneumonia.

With the British conquest of Europe, equality and dhimmitude to Jews is the supreme law of the land. Jews are free to pick the corpse of Europe under equal rights.

Oddly, Jews will say they don't control the world, but they never say who does. 

Israel, the FED, the 1965 Immigration Act, US entry into WWI, WWII, Gulf War, Iraq, could not exist without people of British origin saying yes. 

The faux cowardice of British falling for Jews is nothing more than British theatrics, as Brexit was; a way of deflecting their responsibility. The best thing for the British is to hold them accountable. The British could repudiate the WWII atrocity propaganda today, and the post-war fake states imposed on Europe, but they need it for their parasitical survival, and their Israeli colony's survival; which legitimizes unlimited military action over previously Ottoman-German oil. As such, Europe loses its freedom to think and thrive. That's genocide.

The holocaust of burningJapanese and German boys and girls alive, targeting and burning civilians alive, is beyond insane, when we consider that the British were under no threat from Hitler. It was purely to cull the productive German population. This explains why the British (and American governments) are vested in the holocaust narrative. If burning people alive in a holocaust is the greatest evil, their regimes could not be legitimate. So, they call an alleged gasacaust of Jews a holocaust. That denies the real victims any standing and blames them for things didn't do, so they can be demonized for all time.

Whereas the British and American regimes and supporting families should be demonized for all time for burning down Europe and facilitating its communization and death.



Hitler did not want to Nazify the British, but to demand from the British the freedom for Germans to Nazify. All that means is to live in volk-sustaining way.

The British don't want to legitimize volk-sustainability because they would have to repudiate all their atrocity propaganda and their imperialism which comes at the expense of other blood-nations.

Carroll Quigley noted that the Anglo-American ethno-network will work with the communist Jew network towards world domination. That's the objective of Cecil Rhodes and his mafia to put "all habitable lands" under the British empire. They succeeded. 

Jews or not, the British are the senior partner; while Jews, like Soros (London School of Economics/Fabian Society), are their agents. That doesn't let Jews off the hook. It puts the British on the hook for enabling the more obvious Jew to destroy us.

It doesn't diminish Jewish ethnic networking. It highlights hostile British ethnic networking. 

These observations explain why it is so hard to defeat Jews when you have British-types covering for Jews: Jared Taylor, Paul Joseph Watson, Douglas Murray, John Derbyshire, (and the regime of equal rights), who are in the white nationalist orbit.

The key to Jewish survival and domination of our era are the British who act like spineless garbage in the face of Jewish infamy; but who act viciously and violently towards those who do have the courage to horsewhip Jews into submission. The same British pillars of society who had no qualms about burning German children alive, burning Japanese children alive, burning Vietnamese children alive, starving Iraqis children to death really stop and cower to the Jews? Or is it just theater, a modeling of behavior, a joke on the Gentiles?

Without WASPDOM's protection of Jews, and their secret racial affiliation and racial affinity with and for Jews, obvious Jews would be torched by everyone on earth. This racial affiliation with Jews explains why WASPDOM sided with Stalin over Hitler; and why Hitler and National Socialism is demonized to this day in WASPDOM far more so than Stalin's communism.

If Jews run the world, why do the British who want to run the world, sit there like retards and do nothing? They are working together.  The British are the senior partner and the Jews are the Junior partner.

When Hitler did something, they take it out on Hitler with all the moral scorn the British can bluster. The British are lower than Jews and more dangerous.

Until the West comprehends that, it will be dominated by Jews and British.

Lucky for Gentiles, their domination cycles are nearing their end concurrently.


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