1. Acknowledge that our civilization is in a death spiral.

2. Acknowledge that the institutional origin of this death spiral is institutionalized nation-wrecking installed across Europe after WWII. 

3. Acknowledge that Hitler-hate is the doom of nations.

4. Rehabilitate Hitler. 

5. Acknowledge that Hitler did not start WWII or invade Poland.

6. Acknowledge that Hitler EVICTED Poland out of Prussia (Prussia is Germany). Self-defense is exculpatory.  Hitler did nothing wrong.


This starts to get us out of the death spiral. #6 is an intuitive truth.



7. Acknowledge that the imperialist ("globalist") British Empire started WWII when the British declared war on Germany for rightfully making itself whole; and that this trip-wire to war was intentional and set at Versailles, as part of a long-term British effort to genocide 20 million Germans. ("There are 20 million too many Germans," - Clemenceau)  References:  How Britain Initiated Both World Wars; Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War; The Anglo-American Establishment (Carroll Quigley)  The disasters of the British Rhodes Mafia "almost destroyed western civilization, or at least the European center of it." (309)

8. Acknowledge that the firebombing of German boys and girls in German cities was the real holocaust (death by fire).

9. Acknowledge that the United States and Britain perpetrated real holocausts in Germany and Japan.

10. Acknowledge that these murderous two-faced nation-wrecking regimes chose to invent the gassing of louse-ridden Jews to save their legitimacy (and advance their genocidal geopolitics from Palestine to India on behalf of their "Jewish" state).

11.  Acknowledge that atrocity propaganda is not history.




british invasion.jpg


12. Acknowledge that we live under a masonic theocracy with origins in the British Empire; which has its origins in paraohonic-phoenician (PP) North Africa.

13. Acknowledge that the British-American masonic empire that has conquered Europe, installed nation-wrecking FAKE states across Europe, which pollute the cultures of Europe with Tavistock social engineering strives for and is the GENOCIDE of European peoples (Ursula Haverbeck on the Hooten Plan); that the American and British governments have institutionalized the genocide of European nations, which is now on autopilot; which have collapsed birth rates in Europe; created high mass youth unemployment; have promoted unstable parliamentary governments; have promoted the mass migration of Africans and Arabs into Europe; who promote the rape of European girls and grandmothers; who suppress news of this in British-American controlled "European" media; and that they have made it illegal for Europeans to question British-American atrocity propaganda in Europe, or to reform or remove the genocidal governments that Americans and British use to promote the murder and genocide of the European people.

14. We must acknowledge that the genocide of Europe and of Germans, particularly, has no legitimacy today, and never had legitimacy. That all of these tactics to genocide Europe goes against the self-righteous mask, the WASPDOM's figleaf ideology, of respect for human rights, self-government, and rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The propaganda of human rights masks institutional genocide.

15. Acknowledge that the same nation-wrecking activity that the US imposes on Europe, it increasingly imposes on Americans, particularly, on 100% Gentiles, i.e., non-Jew, non-British-derived WASPS. References: Slaughter of the Cities.  E Michael Jones explains how the Rockefeller WASP establishment brought the black sharecroppers up North to break up the Catholic ethnic communities, driving them into isolated suburbs (requiring loans to buy houses at 3x), pushing the children into public schools where they could be sexualized (sexual liberation), self-sterilized, and socially-engineered. This genocide is perpetrated by the US government against its own citizens. This same pattern of family-wrecking nation-wrecking is used on Europe to "de-nazify it," which is legitimized by the gasacaust hoax. The result is a generation of asexual autistic Gretas beholden to British-engineered hysteria(s).


16. That the solution to this death spiral is to acknowledge that the genocidal US government is a masonic theocracy; and that a masonic theocracy is genocidal.

17.  Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks Zionist world domination. Zionism demands the subjugation of Gentiles to the Noahide laws. The Noahide laws demand the Kosher-slaughter of Gentile atheists and Christians. The US Congress has affirmed the merit of the Noahide laws.  Zionism is genocidal; the US government has embraced Zionism. The US government presents an existential threat to the gentiles of the world.

18.  That we must repudiate the evils of the US federal government.

19. That we dissolve the US federal government by delegating its executive activities to four regional governments.

20. That we create four regional governments with four branches of government, including a Board of Trustees.

21. That the Board of Trustees shall have all power necessary to assure self-government (thereby restoring good faith nationalism) and fire all agents of the British and Israeli governments (Jews, Zionists, Rhodes Scholars, masons, mormons, jesuits, Skull and Bones, Council on Foreign Relations and any other secret societies or old money WASPS) to restore self-government and end stealth government. All social engineering projects must be disclosed; all agents exposed. All hoaxes and deceptions must be revealed.


22. That it is legal to start four (initially) tax-free regional governments.

23. That these regional governments can pass laws to facilitate and promote the dissolution of the masonic theocracy. 

24. That the law is what is best for the community. Is it best for the community to be socially-engineered by malevolent Rothschilds and Rockefellers? No. It's against the law. Our current government is illegal.

Value Propositions:

1) Only by rehabilitating Adolf Hitler on the basis of historical truth can we rehabilitate good faith nationalism.

2) By this, we can abolish nation-wrecking atrocity propaganda, the censorship that promotes this nation-wrecking atrocity propaganda, and avert further censorship of "hate-speech" to serves to preserve atrocity propagagnda (the real hate speech). We must repudiate all two-faced masonic official stories and propaganda; and all other nation wrecking tactics: drug "culture," sex "culture," tranny "culture." Really, the greatest proof of that the degenerates won WWII is their promotion of transsexuality.  When the grandchildren of the victors chop off their dick and balls to you have nothing to offer the world.  This is what masonic regime fans, i.e. conservatives, have given the world.

3) If Angel Hitler is not the avatar of evil, he can't be used as a point of comparison, ("AOC is the new Hitler"), to demonize regime opponents in foreign countries to start new wars or to marginalize domestic voices here, at home, on a false basis. 


“Those accusations are rich coming from the leader of the most openly anti-Semitic freshman Congress in modern American history,” Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll told The Daily Wire. “Ocasio-Cortez herself employed a staffer who lionized Nazis collaborators. Maybe she should spend more time cleaning her room and making her bed before she goes to work.”  LINK (Facebook already deplaforms racial and cultural nationalists and AOC wants more of that.)


Democrats can see how their own Hitler-hate is used against them.  The same happens to retarded conservatives.  The dirty old man with a Hitler-hating Zionist fetish, Victor David Hansen, has spoken of his farm being robbed by Mexicans.  You get want you deserve. He knows better. They all know better. 

Empires know no borders.

Imperialists can't suddenly invoke nationalism when it's all falling apart.

Every empire reverts to its weakest elements. The wider the empire, the weaker it is. The more lies it has to tell. The easier it is to shatter.

All of Hitler's major military moves were counters to pre-empt foreign invasion. Hitler did not invade Italy or Spain, but Greece to kick out the British. Countering foreign invasion is not "conquering the world." Conquering the world was the ambition of the Rhodes Mafia, to put all habitable lands and their peoples in Africa, South America, Asia, North America, and Europe, under British stinkfoot.

Trump is opening Republican concentration camps on the border, as actor AOC, has pointed out.  These tit-for-tats about who is the real Hitler reinforce the  deepest social engineering project of all: Hitler-hate.  The axiom of post-war politics is Hitler-hate.  Real revolutionaries who want institional change challenge that. Everyone else are genocidal cowards.

You can see how convoluted our politics becomes when a self-acknowledged Jew (AOC) is regarded as the most anti-Semitic congressman in US history by political opponents. Give up the Hitler-hate. Hitler-hate corrupts our political culture.

Literally, the US and British governments have used Hitler-hate to start wars and murder millions whose leaders are labled "as the new Hitler."  The US and British governments even invented their own Hitler, out of a government agent, named "Osama bin Laden" to have their current wars, to produce their migration invasion of Europe. They say they killed bin Laden, but like Epstein, we never got to see a pokable corpse.

We can take this tool of war out of their evil hands. Once we rehabilitate Hitler, they can't redemonize Chief H again. They can't do wars in his name. It will all be over.

4) Rehabilitating Hitler will save the lives of millions.

5) Rehabilitating Hitler will save our nations from the ultimate objective of Hitler-hate: national annihilation.  A nation can't hate Hitler and survive in the long run.

6) The Jew-servile conservatives worship Churchill, and by implication FDR (Gingrich) and Stalin (FDR loved Stalin) and Israel. Their whole Jew-loving ideology is based on Hitler-hate and historical fiction; even though Jews were the communists, and these conservatives were the supposed "anti-communists," who embraced the Trotskyite neo-cons. No animal is more confused and contorted than a conservative because the conservative represents the faithful FOXNEWS fool loyal to the genocidal political establishment with all its lies and deceptions. Isn't it odd that the conservative lives in a "free country" but hides in his bunker with his gun and can of beans? The conservative is prepared for Walmart FEMA camps in his "constitutional republic," in this land of the free and home of the brave. Which is it? The CIA-agent William F Buckley produced the four-legged conservative intellect which produced the masonic messiahs Donald Trump and George Bush. Stop playing the fool.