Hello Democrats,

Think about 2020 clinically.

You have to win the presidency in November 2020 or else you lose.  All or nothing.

It's winner take all and loser loses it all.

You might take that bet, if you have a great horse, but if you lose, you'll feel bitter.

This is a major reason why the country needs to be split into parts. A top-down, one-size fits all system  doesn't fit the land of many races, religions, and visions. Blow-back is revolution, or civil war, or popular pivot (bloodless constitutional change).


So far, no democratic candidate has won the party over.

If you want the country to change horses, you better have a great horse.

That's the burden of the CHALLENGER.

Yours must be the clear and better horse. This must be indesputably clear to the public. 

You have got to have the MAN.

If you believe that Bernie Sanders is the one most loyal to democratic values, and not a corporatist sell-out, as Biden, Harris, GayButt, and Warren, increasingly, seem to be, then you have to consider his electoral problems to victory.  If Sanders is the best the Democratic Party can do, the party is up the creek.

The public can handle one or two minor hangups, if the horse is great, but not a slew of them, especially, if the horse is only so-so.


1. Sanders is a democratic socialist.

Democratic Socialists consider the family to be a pillar of capitalism; as such, the family is an obstacle and enemy to be destroyed to bring in socialism. This viewpoint fits a communist dictatorship where people can't say no, but not an election.

Will families vote for family-hating Sanders, when his ideology hates family, as an enemy; when his kind coddles, perverts of all kinds? Can that win swing states or loose them in droves? Think about it clinically.

All the anti-family degeneracy that surrounds the left comes from this communist ideological tactic born out of Jewish frustation with middle class families for not falling for communism.

Hitler did not try to destroy the family to bring in socialism.  Socialism was not the aim of National Socialism. National Socialism served the eternal life of the Volk. The economy was meant to serve the people; the people are not here to serve socialism or capitalism.

Socialism was meant to serve the nation; not be an end in itself, as is, the case in communism.

Communism is the slavery of Gentiles to Jews. You can see why Gentiles would resist the Jewish predators. You can see why they had to protect their families from Jews who would steal their children and husbands and ship them off to Siberia.

For Hitler, the family was sacred. The sacred German family was the reason for socialism; to protect it, to nurture it, so that the Volk itself was healthy, strong, and beautiful. Hitler won his elections because he championed motherhood, fatherhood, childhood, family, and volk.

If the sacred is what is anointed (the Greeks called what is anointed Christ), then the sacred Volk is the body of Christ; the father is Christ, mother is Christ, children are Christ, all good things are Christ. The Volk becomes a transcendent treasure that all work to preserve and advance. That gave Hitler his vitality in his struggle to save Germany, and it gave the people their unifying team spirit over class warfare.   That's why National Socialism is superior to democratic socialism.

National Socialism has survival value and it wins elections.


Democratic socialism hates the family.

Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist.

Bernie Sanders hates the family.


Can you win with that?

That's how the GOP will play it.

They can't say that about common sense National Socialism.

National Socialism defends the family in ways the GOP can't comprehend.


2. Sanders admitted "decision-making is my greatest weakness."

Decision making is the most basic function of president. If you can't do that, you aren't qualified.

Even Michael Dukakis didn't have that problem. He was painted as soft on crime and weak on defense.


3. Americans like old St. Nick over Always Angry Sanders. 

Ronald Reagan smiled his way into office. Can Sanders frown his way into office? Unlikely.


4. Sanders is a Jew and a Zionist.

He can't do zionism better than "1000% for Israel" (((Donald Trump))). 

To beat Trump, you must be the opposite of the GOP, the party of RAPE, INCEST, AND ZIONISM.


5.  PHONY peace-candidate Bernie Sanders has supported US intervention in:






How can you call yourself a peace-candidate, if you have supported military intervention 18 times!    (BERNIE SANDERS TO THE WOODSHED BY RYAN DAWSON.)


Phonie-Bernie Sanders is no PRINCE OF PEACE.

He sounds like any other warmonger.


6. Sanders is old.

Like Biden. The country knows if dirty old occultist Trump drops dead, they get Armageddon Pence.  Being so old is a weakness and is not a compelling difference to beat Trump. Obama beat insane in the brain McCain on youth alone. Obama was cool. McCain was half in the grave.


 SIX FAILS OF SANDERS: family-hating democratic socialist, can't make decisions, always angry, Jew/Zionist, warmonger/fake peace-candidate. That's nothing new. That old. He's old.

And the good thing about Bernie Sanders is? Green New Deal? The chief of staff of AOC admitted that the GND is just a Mao-like scam to starve the people into submission to communism.

Those are too many problems for a candidate to have against an incumbent.


You need a younger man who can fight, who can meme, who can give you the dream of an alternative America that eliminates the cause of our present problems. We need to dissolve this masonic-zionist warmongering theocracy before it destroys us all. 


Who will Biden or Sanders put in if they croak? Either way, none of these are optimal packages to overwhelmingly defeat Trump, who has all the advantages of incumbency. One of them is that he has no challenger, so he has no viable dirt (a line of attack) coming out in the primaries that democrats can use against him in the general.


Democrats need a radical choice that has few problems. The country can handle one problem, such as me being a truth-seeker who is against WWII atrocity propaganda. Propaganda isn't history. Once you drop the propaganda, you can see the real Hitler, the real SS, the real Germans, and the real socialism they championed and that worked.

The problem has its own solution.

Expose the truth. Show the truth. Admit the truth.  


That's why I ask all US politicians to watch Adolf Hitler Greatest Story NEVER Told. 

In just 4 hours, you'll see what I see and you'll be in a new world.

You'll see why we can win again.

You'll see why true nationalism beats anti-nationalist Trump; Trump who serves the dancing Israelis.

Trump's fake nationalism is his greatest weakness.


My mantra beats Trump.

Donald Trump stands for RAPE, INCEST, AND ZIONISM.

That is the WINNING MANTRA. No other democratic candidate can say it with conviction because all the other democratic candidates are zionists or take zionist money. Since Epstein rape scandal is all about blackmail, Trump's secret society party stands for stealth government.

The positive expression of the mantra, what we ought to be for, is:




RAPE, INCEST, ZIONISM is all about stealth government. That cuts to the core of who we are as a free people and what our government is. A stealth government has no legitimacy in America. 

Trump has no legitimacy.

"He said he was a nationalist, but all we got was this stupid MAGA yamulka!"

Let Trump be the party of Jews.

You be the party of Gentiles and win the mega-majority.

Right now, there is no mantra to beat Trump. 


You can see why true nationalism means dissolving the US into four viable regions; each with a Board of Trustees to banish British-Israeli secret society zionist and cultural marxist subversion.

That solves the problem of the masonic-zionist theocracy dragging us into war all the time or socially-engineering perversion on us or chemtrailing us into flooded farm fields to starve the world.


Once you have four regions, you have FOUR CHANCES to win the presidency, and influence politics, as you prefer.


Do you prefer to win a piece of the pie, or almost surely, lose it all in 2020?

My vision creates opportunities you didn't have before. It's possible that Ms Ocasio-Cortez might be president of one of the four regions, or perhaps, president of the free city of down-state New York. Many things open up once you give this a chance.  This also gives the other side a chance to influence things to their liking.  This has electoral advantage to my campaign because whatever happens, they don't have to live with my policy positions. They only have to live with my structural changes and my restoration of real national security (fighting off zionist British and Israeli secret society subversion). 

That's the reason why I don't take a position on Medicare for All. Things will change the first month by delegation of powers. There will be no time to make a new healthcare system.

I want to delegate to the four regions and let them handle health care.

All I ask, as the eventual Board of Trustees Chairman of each region, is that you make a credible viable self-sustaining system; and not a piece of crap fantasy that needs bailouts all the time. 

This kicks the can down the road and kicks it down to the people who have to live with the system they choose. There will be more input, more democracy, more responsibility, more accountability than we have today. That's better government.

By banishing secret society subversion, we get good government. We restore SELF-government and end STEALTH-government. That's my biggest responsibility; a responsibility no one else running for president cares about.


"No war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of "clear and present danger," then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

"It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions--by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations."


If you want to be president and you can't handle this, you aren't qualified.

I'm for public funding of elections as the price to box out subversive warmonger-donations.  To get there, we do a post-hoc public funding tactic, where our new regional government will validate our digital asset as a currency. All of this can be done before the first primary vote and is within the law. No other democratic candidate can create power and do something, like I can.

They aren't radical enough. They aren't honest enough. They aren't smart enough. 

My shit-tier IQ has a 200HP engine of will power behind it to get things done.

Will power is power.

I invite the other candidates to work on public funding of 2020 elections.

That is key to boxing out the zionism, the stealth government, the fake government.

It's that or Sheldon Adelson will drop another $200 million on a zionist gamble on Trump.

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