Are Jews the pawns of WASPs or are hapless WASPs at the mercy of dominant Jews?

Or, are the British the senior partners and Jews the junior partners to world domination? 

Our understanding of how the world works is highly improved by realizing that it is both WASPs and Jews who seek world domination over Gentiles, whether through the British and American empires, the Soviet Union, or now through their mutual vehicle of the hour, Zionism. History shows that on the biggest matters, WASPs and Jews are co-conspirators and mutual enemies of Gentiles.

WASPs function as a type of Jew.

As such, the concept of "white" nationalism can't survive, when you have light-skinned enemies of the children of Europe, who can come over the wall, because they "look white to me," and yet push genocidal behavior against all Gentiles, all non-WASPs and non-Jews.

The WASP-Jew war on Europe, its borders, its cultural values, and on Germans is evident to all and has never ended.

The Cold War on Germans and Europe never stopped. We can read in the media, the news, and the brainwashing of schools and academia never-ending hatred of Europe and our racial roots by WASP-Jew media.  Ted Turner paid Wolf Blitzer.

Not only are WASPS David Duke, Richard Spencer, Greg Johson, and Jared Taylor white nationalists, they are also white zionists. They are no different from Hillary Clinton, John Bolton, Harry Solomon Truman, or George Bush.

We have to remember that as the ruling scum define it, whites are Jews and WASPS and only Jews and WASPs. Germans, Irish, Italians, and the rest of continental Europeans are not white. Benjamin Franklin, “[T]he Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans.” 

During WWI Germans were Huns to be exterminated; that was open US and British policy during WWII. After the war, to detract from their genocide of Germany, they invented the claim that Germans gassed Jews and owed them billions in reparations and forever-guilt.

We can see now that the "white man" lied about weapons of mass destruction, lied about landing masons on the moon, lied about possessing nuclear weapons, and lied about the holocaust. America is far weaker than anyone imagines.  It has to be because it is based on lies and deceptions; lies and deceptions necessitated by the lack of man-power that the WASP-Jew cabal possesses to rule the world.

The WASPs of Britain and America have been at war with almost every European country. They don't want a stable and strong Europe. They want murder and starvation. That's what Trump's nationalism is all about, including, extreme hostility to German on production and trade, with meaningless tweets about migration and constanting crap about anti-semitism, Israel, and hoax hate and gassings.

Not only is zionism (and white nationalism) a safe space for Jews, but it is, also, a vision to run the world out of Israel under the masonic-Noahide laws. The United States is a masonic theocracy that is de facto under the British and fights British-wars, just as, it fights Jew wars. The Jews wars are British wars. They American people are too dumb and stupid to figure this out; which is why this condition continues on, now for, 100 years. Even Carroll Quigley was 50 years late in coming; what he figured out was known to Germans in America through the Fatherland newspaper in 1916.


The Queen of England knighted the terrorist Simone Peres, the President of Israel, who accepted knighthood on behalf of Israel. To be a knight is to be a servant of. 

Israel is a servant state of the British empire; not a sovereign state.

How could any state be sovereign, if it is a perpetual economic and military parasite?

The British monarchy has knighted multiple Rothchilds, meaning the Rothchilds serve at the pleasure of the British.

Alan Greenspan has been knighted for service to the British empire. The Rothchilds didn't knight him; the British did. Long before Israel existed, the British Empire existed.

These are all major facts, into which, other cascading facts fit.

Since Israel is a British colony, zionism means that the British will run the world out of Israel, on the backs of a murderous gentile-hating religion, which is why, the British prefer WASP-Jew world domination.

It gives them "plausible deniability."  Two-faced masonic scumbags love that.

Cecil Rhodes (and his treacherous Rhodes Scholars Buttgag and Booker) couldn't be more proud.

Finally, Jews admit that white nationalism is a pro-zionist pro-jew enterprise that gives them a pass.


The Jewish spittoon and Never-Trumper David Frum  is now fawning over Trump and admits what he knew all along. "The majority of American Jews recoil from Trump [but] if you spend time in the organized Jewish world, you...noticed an early but unmistakable warming to the president."

The organized Jewish world made Trump; that's how they knew Trump was their man.

Here is his article, where he askes, "Has Trump abandoned anti-Semitism?"

We protest! When has this dog Trump ever been, authentically, anti-Semitic?


  1. He said he was 1000% for Israel and the dancing Israelis.
  2. All his freakingly ugly children who needed plastic surgery to show themselves in public, because they don't have his great genes, are married to rich and famous Jews.
  3. Trump has studied Kabbalah for more than 30 years.
  4. Trump received the Tree of Life award and mourned the fake deaths of the Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.
  5. Trump's whole organization is run by Jews and Jeffrey Epstein is his good friend.
  6. Trump got his biggest help for his failing casinos from the Jew underworld and Jew bankers.
  7. His administration is chock full of zionist lunatics.
  8. He recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and his fake peace plan is assures the extermination of Palestinians by Jews.
  9. He feeds them ever more funds and arms and shelters Israel from criticism to the detriment of US citizens.
  10. No one kisses Netanyahu's ass, like Donald Trump.


Trump was never a threat to Jews, but a threat to Gentiles by whipping up antagonism from non-whites, while deplatforming voices of criticism. This leaves gentiles in conflict which will blow back on gentiles, not on gated community Jews and WASPs. 

In the white nationalist/white zionist run of the world, Jews will retain special privileges.

The Frum article strengthens the wasp-jew world domination thesis considerably because it brings it up to the present. 

Here is another blog called the saker, whatever that means, that includes the British in the mix.

Never forget the Carroll Quigley thesis that says that the Anglo-American network will work with the communist-Jew network for mutual ends.


Here are quotes from the Jewish Spittoon's article:


"It’s becoming almost a daily occurrence: President Donald Trump denouncing anti-Semitism and expressing solidarity with the state of Israel."

"Hate crimes against Jews seem on the rise."

“Your character will appear to the public as a white racist,” the visitor seems to say to Trump. “It’s how we control Whites.”

"The Trump presidency seethes with hostility toward many different minority and subordinated groups. But Jews have been elevated to a special protected category, exempt from the lines of attack deployed against Muslims, non-Norwegian immigrants, women Trump deems unattractive, and so on and on."




Frum gives the whole game away, when he notes that, "What if American Jews found themselves facing [trumptards] who practiced a politics of incitement, but not against Jews—indeed, who found it more useful to cast themselves as allies of Jews?

This has been my view of Trump since his Muslim-ban debacle which was designed to cause as much chaos as possible without addressing or solving the real problem.  (see my blog post "Trump is NO leader" and "Is America Racist?")  Another example of this common GOP strategy is the treacherous governor of Florida who works to outlaw anti-semitism by force of law, imposing species-destroying THOUGHT CONTROL, while dogwhistling, "don't monkey this up." It's illegal counter Jewish parasitism and genocide of Gentiles, but it's OK to monkey around with racism towards blacks. Clearly, the GOP has shown that Jews are white and WASPs are white; everyone else is not.

WASP white nationalists are willfully  stupid; they can't see the Trump modus operandi.


There is a message for American Jews in all this: These attacks on the other are not aimed at you. You can be part of us. We’d like you to be part of us. All you have to do is stop worrying about ["minorities"] And after all, they don’t worry about you!


The white nationalist American nationalism "must stand up for the nation's founding stock." That's Jews and WASPs; the slave traders. That's not nationalism for Germans, Italians, Irish, and everyone else. They are not regarded as founding stock; the rich WASP families of colonial America who stole America from the French, Dutch, and Spanish.  That's not Gentile supremacy over slave-driving communist Jews, or the WASP social engineers who are killing people by the thousands. The founding stock is such a minority, today, that white nationalism is designed to fail. all it can do is practice a politics of incitement, rather than, actually, repatriate ninety percent of the population. Colonial America is gone, just as, Christendom is gone. These can't be recovered.

You have to work with and cultivate current (demographic) realities.

The WASP didn't have the manpower to hold their empire, and they don't have the manpower to repatriate everyone who isn't a WASP or Jew. "Go back home!" is incitement.  Repatriation is a policy. The dumb stupid WASP thinks that incitement is policy.


You can see that white nationalism fools gold and the vast majority of "albinos" avoid it. What's more, the politics of incitement will not restore the colonial wasps to power. Trump's tweets make wasp-hedonists feel good, which is sufficient to string them along, while the country drifts along under Zionist  leadership.


Two-faced WASP Nixon of the masonic theocracy fails at 4D chess.

Hitler never said, "We need to devise system that recognizes the Jew, while appearing not to."  Thanks to Haldeman's take on Nixon, anyone can take the quote as evidence of USG institutional racism.



Authentic volksavers must repudiate white nationalism because it is designed to fail, designed to empower Jews with special privileges, and designed to protect the ruling scum, the prevailing WASP-Jew world domination.  White nationalism is a false solution to a real problem. It doesn't see the whole picture, the big picture, that problem of the WASP. There is a reason why the WASP can't Hitler. All these WASPs, posing as nationalists, will cave on cue.

That Nationalist Conservative project by Jews is also designed to nose-dive nationalism. Only the best can see these tricks.

Gentiles cannot stand up for their rightful interests, if they do not stand up against and depose the interests of Jews and WASPs in the United States, which means they must be "anti-semitic" and "anti-wasp."

Nature's law of self-preservation makes anti-semitism a matter of self-defense. Anti-semitism is a virtue.

If ethno-nationalism is a virtue, then anti-semitism is a virtue.

It's not our problem, if WASPs want to be deconstructed and rendered extinct by Jews. It's our job not to follow those Jewish brain-worm-ridden fools into the grave.

Again the Frum article shows that WASPs are pathetic enablers and protectors of Jews. They will never seriously deal with the Jew problem because they benefit from the Jews. Most of all, the WASP is a type of Jew, related to the Jews, through the non-human conehead pharaohs. That's why there are so many WASP hermaphrodites and freemasons.

That's why they are so vicious, psychopathic, and reptilian against Gentiles.

If Jews are an existential threat to Gentiles, and the WASP is the Jew's protector, then the WASP is the existential threat to Gentiles. As they say, AIDS doesn't kill you. AIDS ruins your immune system, so it can't function; causing you to die of something else, like infection, cancer, or pneumonia.

By this analogy, the Jew is the infection, but the WASP is AIDS.

“You’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel,”  said Senator Josh Hawley of critics to his zionist Nationalist Conservatism speech.  The WASP defends infection to the death.

That’s the language cuck supremacy.

What's wrong with the WASPs? That's what's wrong with the WASPs.

If the WASP is out to exterminate Gentiles, he is not your brother.

White nationalism denies that WASPs have AIDS.

Jews and WASPs made a pact with the devil to burn down Europe in return for world domination.

If Israel is a British colony, and if Israel is responsible for many of the proxies who managed the inside job of blowing up the Twin Towers, then Britain is responsible for the terrorism of September 11th, 2001.

When you throw in the planning and design of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon being constructed on September 11th, 1941, that Israel didn't exist yet, that masonry, Skull and Bones, Mormons and Quakers, are British agents, among many others, like the CFR and the Rhodes scholars, that there is no national sescurity against them, you can see that there is a vast British-zionist conspiracy against gentiles in America, one ignored by the WASP-Jew ruling scum. 

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