Imagine a Jewish dog, standing on the dinner table, demanding a seven-course meal.

Looking at the TYT Progressive Economic Pledge, one sees a list of wants, a list of gets, but no gives. It's a Jewish dog, long on demands.  No one will stand for it in the long run.

The root of the problem is that there is no state-conception implicit in this pledge.

A state is a vision for a people, and a people is a blood-nation.

This isn't possible in the United States; the land of many races. You have to dissolve the USG to see the real people and regions of common blood that can form actual nations.

From there, a state vision is formulated and used to cultivate the people, in a particular direction, suited to their identity. In a jumble of peoples, there is no state, no vision. Everything is reduced to the lowest common denominator: haves versus have nots generating grievance politics and lists of demands.  High art, culture, music, and architecture is left to wither on the vine. Everyone is spiritually-deprived and reduced to sweaty consumers.

If this is the best that progressives can do, they might, as well, become conservatives. Conservatives also have no idea about blood-nations and see the public, as clients and consumers, divorced from history and posterity.

No system can survive a list of endless wants.

Life is about give-to-get.



Addressing the TYT pledge points in my own order:


1) I already support public funding of elections to box out zionist money from politics, as a matter of, national security.

This is already being implemented through my digital asset platform, and will be validated post-hoc with election victory. This effort is already half-way there. Public funding of elections is the price to pay to retain sovereignty.



2) The issue of higher wages is meaningless. What counts is not the pay in dollars, but pay in purchasing power.  Since 1973 purchasing power has collapsed and will continue to do so. That must be adressed.


Under Hitler and a German workforce, 1933-1938, GNP grew by 9.5 percent per year (China-level growth rates).

Industrial output grew by 17%; private consumption by grew by 3.2 percent.

From 1932-1938, real wages increased by 21% [!].  How about some Hitler-love?

Per capita income increased by 40%. Hans Herman Hoppe reports these numbers here.


How do we get Hitler-level growth rates, particularly, in real wages?

By dissolving the masonic theocracy, we can finally shut down our national debt, set it to a decaying currency, eliminate the interest payments, of some, $400 billion per year. This will restore purchasing power. Adolf Hitler increased purchasing power for the German worker without minimum wage ratchets. Venezuela has hyper-inflation and a wage ratchet.

The Corbett Report reports that the minimum wage was used as an arbitrary quasi-eugenics tactic, to get certain groups out of the labor force and dependent on government subsidies, where they could be sterilized, in return for, welfare. That might be a good policy to WASPs and Jews, but myself and Hitler do not like shady tactics like that.  More importantly, one can't tell a person's biological (un) importance to the community based on their  (un)employment status. Hitler would absolutely agree with that.

WASP Progressives of the past did not!

Historically, most women were employed in the home, and counted as unemployed, yet they are, biologically, 1000 times more important than the average man. To these progressives, these unemployed women are parasites that need to be sterilized.



“Progressive economists, like their neoclassical critics, believed that binding minimum wages would cause job losses. However, the progressive economists also believed that the job loss induced by minimum wages was a social benefit, as it performed the eugenic service [of] ridding the labor force of the ‘unemployable.’ Sidney and Beatrice Webb put it plainly: ‘With regard to certain sections of the population [the ‘unemployable’], this unemployment is not a mark of social disease, but actually of social health.’

‘[O]f all ways of dealing with these unfortunate parasites,’ Sidney Webb opined in the Journal of Political Economy, ‘the most ruinous to the community is to allow them to unrestrainedly compete as wage earners.’

A minimum wage was seen to operate eugenically through two channels: by deterring prospective immigrants and also by removing from employment the ‘unemployable,’ who, thus identified, could be, for example, segregated in rural communities or sterilized.” link




3) I address the issue of free tuition college education for all in this blog entry here. The first thing to say is that not everyone can complete college and not everyone should go to college.

Funding college for all is wrong on its face. A good leader would tell you that, instead of, polish the echo chamber of mass foolishness.  


4) Regarding the hoax of global warming, there's a reason why it is said to cost $1.7 trillion.

This is masonic theocracy.

MASON = 17. 

global warming mason.PNG

MASON = 62/73 links to GLOBAL WARMING = 62/73.

Here is the calculator.


East Anglia conducted a classic black-box scam. They controlled access to first-hand temperature data and told the other scientists what the data was. This is how they manufactured a "scientific consensus."

No one who has the heart for truth would perpetuate this fraud on the public.

The greatest thing we fight is lies and deception. It would be great if the Left would be so easily controlled by lies and deceptions (Russiagate, impeachment, Hillary's inevitability) or defend, obvious, likes and deceptions, like global warming.




There is no global warming on a flat earth.

You can still be secular on a flat earth. You don't have to become a Jesus freak. Even Jesus freaks are realizing that masons made the Bible. We can all admit we were duped by NASA's power of suggestion, by movies that lead the imagination into space, the desire for pride in superlative accomplishments, and the need to believe that we have unlimited potential. The reality is, all things are finite, and we only need so many engineers to keep the power on.


Everything makes much more sense on a flat earth.

The masonic theocracy did not land masons on the moon. Masonic theatrics were used to "confirm" the masonic ball model. Globes (spheres) are thought to be divine. A divine universe created by the mason's Grand Architect of the Universe, according to Copernicus, needs spherical planets. This is how religious dogma pushes science.

There was a time when the orbits had to be perfectly circular because circles are perfect and a perfect god would have made "perfect" orbits.

The ball earth is just a legacy of this "circular" thinking.

The Kabbalah also uses spheres for the Tree of Life. It is invalid to use arbitrary metaphysics to create scientific conclusions; especially, doing so, covertly. It is already known that Lemaitre, the Catholic priest, proposed Big Bang; and that the universe Big Bang atheists claim exists is 13.7 billion years old. Isn't that interesting?

137 is the 33rd Prime Number, and we know that, Jews killed Jesus at age 33. 

It all makes sense. You're alive now at the 33rd prime, and the Big Bang was discovered, in this same era, as well, some 2000 years after, Jesus the Great.

What a coincidence?!

Aleister Crowley's four numbers were 11, 77, 93, 175.  Others have used them as well. These are the same numbers used on the jets of September 11, 2001. Why is it the sun is 93 million miles away from earth and the big bang universe is 93 million light-years wide? Another fishy claim built on massaged horseshit to get their "holy" numbers.


Flare = 93

Solar Man = 93
God's Son = 93 (Solar = 65; Christianity = 64; Knights Templar = 65)
Nazareth = 93
Crucifix = 93
Christ the Redeemer = 93
Christ crucified between 9 am and 3 pm
In 2012 science said Jesus was crucified April 3, 33 AD, the 93rd day of the Gregorian Year


The secular becomes the religious; an infinite line becomes a circle. The progressive libertarian becomes a National Socialist.

See the Ball Model for what it is.

You can't accelerate in space. You need something to push against, either the earth, water, or air, to get an equal and opposite reaction. In space, there is nothing to push against. Acceleration is impossible. Moon landings are impossible. Space travel is impossible. Space travel is a contradiction in terms. Newton would laugh his ass off at the stupidity of America, even though, he believed in heliocentrism.

When you realize that the sun and stars are in our own atmosphere, you can account for the origin of life, in a way, that the ball-earth model can't.  Current secularism is based on the miracle of the single cell and the miracle of the Big Bang. Neither is necessary in flat earth.

When stars are plasma that have access to the gases in our atmosphere, they can, conceivably, produce all the amino acids needed for DNA and life in huge quantities.

On a flat earth with plasma stars in the atmosphere, changes in atmospheric gases, by volcanoes, may change the rates of the production of life in a direct way.

Scientists have found bacteria flying at 40km. Where is it coming from, but the stars? We all heard that we come from the stars. It is quiet likely.

The (flat) earth is just a giant Miller-experiment.

Video here.


This independent birth of life mechanism can also account for the punctuated evolution, the Cambrian Explosion. Punctuated evolution debunks evolution from a single origin cell and everyone, in biology, knows it. The theory of evolution died in the 1970's.

Like Big Bang and the single cell, evolution is an occult concept; kabbalistic-masonic evolution since 1500 involves a movement towards the rebis to reach god.


"There are certainly "designers," though these are neither omnipotent nor omniscient in the absolute sense of the term. They are simply Builders, or Masons, working under the impulse given them by the ever-to-be-unknown, (on our plane) Master Mason - the ONE LIFE and Law. ... That they work in cycles and on a strictly geometrical and mathematical scale of progression, is what the extinct animal species amply demonstrate; that they act by design in the details of minor lives (of side animal issues, etc.) is what natural history has sufficient evidence for." (Helena Blavatsky 1888 The Secret Doctrine Vol II p. 732). 



Temperature changes of the earth are manageable, and would make Siberia and Canada, even Antarctica, livable places with more vegetation, instead of, cold dead ice. How could that be terrible? If earth warming were real, it means more life and more life is good for us all. However, as far as, reality, things are getting colder and colder.

The origin and point of this global warming hoax is to de-industrialize Germany, in line with, post-war effort to exterminate Germans.

China and India don't sign onto climate controls. The US doesn't. Only "stupid" Europe, which must die to please the American's WASPS and Jews, falls for this crap because the European governments are genocidal fake-states, instituted, by the genocidal America.

The Green New Deal is a hoax with a genocidal objective. Call it out!

We recal that Al Gore wanted "every policy and program, every law and institution to be used to halt the destruction of the environment." We see in this pledge the same language, "to mobilize every aspect of American society to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions."

The totalitarianism is evident.




5) Medicare for All is not on my plate.

I will dissolve the USG within the first month. The regional governments will handle health care, either by, continuing the existing system or doing something new.

It should be noted that any government system of health care will require euthanisia of those who can't wipe their ass or who are beyond the hope of recovery. A society can't pull a wagon of the living dead down the street. If you can't wipe your ass, we have to pull the plug. That's give-to-get. 

If people, knowingly, sign up for that type of system, it can work.

Half the cost of medicine is in the last 6 months of life.

Why is Medicare for all so hot among progressives?

Even people who are on Medicare have to pay a premium.

Does TYT overlook that?

If you have to pay something, it is a "privilege" to those who have the privilege to pay and not a "right" to those who cannot pay. It is hard to see what Medicare achieves accept single-payer government control of the entire health care system

That couldn't possibly be the actual objective of this notion, could it? Who is so fixated about putting medicine under government control? The Rockefellers and their clique. They need to reduce the population in line with their Georgia Guidestones.



In conclusion, I can't sign a pledge that involves fraud (global warming/free tuition for sub-prime degrees), catastrophic hyper-inflation ratchets (minimum wage ratchet), or Soviet-style domination of medicine.

All of this involves one corruption after another. Putting medicine under total government control and mobilizing every aspect of American society to shut down innocuous carbon emissions is just blatant totalitarianism.

Progressives don't have a future, if they can't distance themselves from degeneracy and totalitarianism.

It is pretty devastating that Ana Kasparian lured poor Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren into such an terribly untenable political positions. Everyone will know who to blame, if Bernie Sanders goes down in flames.

What really matters is that I guarantee public funding of elections to eliminate zionist influence on America. That ends the Jew wars. That should be top priority for progressives.

That's real progress you can count on.






TYT Pledge:


Higher Wages

I pledge to fight for a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation and collective bargaining and to work on behalf of the American worker instead of corporate donors.

Medicare for All

I pledge to fight for a single payer, Medicare for All healthcare system that transforms healthcare in this country into a right, not a privilege.

Green New Deal

I pledge to fight for a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create millions of new high wage jobs building the infrastructure and industries of the new economy.

College for All

I pledge to fight for free College for All so that everyone can get to live the American dream, not just the wealthy elite.

End The Corruption

I pledge to fight for a constitutional amendment to ban the private financing of elections and to use all available paths to that amendment so we can once again have free and fair elections.

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