Those who know of Peter Pecker Buttigieg know that he is a Rhodes Scholar. 

Corey Booker is also a Rhodes Scholar.

Here is the Renegade Tribune write-up of this African slave-wannabe carrying around his Jew slave master.

It's almost like Mad Max.

Why doesn't Booker read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews by Louis Farrakhan?

I did. It is most fascinating. Jews were the slave posses that chased down black slaves and brought them back to the plantations.


We don't have national security in this country, if Rhodes Scholars can run for office.

$700 billion on national security and two-bit Rhodes Scholars can penetrate our defenses like a knife through cake. I say we fire everyone in national security.


The aim of the Rhodes Scholarships is to put all habitable lands under the stinkfoot of the British Empire, including all of Africa.

Why would a supposed black man accept a racist colonialist scholarship like that?

Why haven't any blacks called him out on that?

How is being a Rhodes Scholar compatible with being a person loyal to self-government, the theme of this country?

Those who get Rhodes scholarship are traitor material.

Corey Booker is one of those who you can be sure is a SELL-OUT.

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