The WASP from Boston, Elizabeth Warren, has proposed reparations for slavery.

What children of long-dead slavery want is a simple apology from WASPs like Elizabeth Warren.

They don't want your dirty WASP money.

Like a dirty Jew, Elizabeth Warren has turned the matter into a monetary issue from a moral issue, and thinks blacks can be bought off and brought to peace with cash.

This misses the entire issue.

Once you offer money, the question is how much?

We can see that this will leave a terrible aftertaste of false expectations and inevitable letdown of the black community.

Justice would suggest that all the welfare, free public education, free medical care, and numerous other loans and other opportunities, given to blacks over the course of the country's history, would have been fair and just compensation several times over.

Put on the table all the things blacks in America would never have experienced without being in America, albeit, from slavery, such as musical instruments, cars, athletics. Even being introduced to chicken (chicken wings) and liquor, which Africans never had, count for something. The black experience in America, warts and all, is more than enough compensation several times over by itself.

Put on the table all the loans and charitable assistance given, directly, to the continent of Africa, which saved the lives of millions of reed-thin Africans, on the verge of death from starvation.

Surely, the number of lives saved from such charity exceeds the number of Africans ever in slavery.

Since Black Lives (Matter) are priceless, saving just one African child would render the debt paid. 

If money is the issue, the debt has been paid through and through.

All that is left is an apology, which a WASP like Elizabeth Warren can issue, if she could only scratch up some crocodile tears, for the poor black people living out of her dumpster, in upper class Boston.

Any kind of apology for what Warren's WASP and Jewish allies did to Africans long ago would suffice to bring blacks into peaceful harmony with American history.

The black community longs for a spiritual peace in WASP and Jew dominated America.

They want a way to feel at home in America.

WASP Warren doesn't have the capacity to see that, which means, she can't read the souls of African-Americans.

Now I ask you what does that mean?!

Could she ever be a successful president, if she goes through life, as if blacks had no souls, and are nothing more than cash-eating, vote-casting, trouble-makers?

She would be a terrible president.

Blacks could never vote for a WASP who acts, as if, blacks had no soul.


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