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The most famous moment on Oprah was when Scientologist Tom Cruise jumped up onto Oprah's couch...just as Oprah said, "Katie once told SEVENTEEN Magazine.

Link 1:50 min mark 

Supposedly, L. Ron Hubbard was in an order with schiester Aleister Crowley; an MI6 agent. So, we have a British intelligence cult influencing Hollywood.

Trump also massaged his way into the presidency with predictive programming through Oprah.


What explains the following story?




“Dan Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago. He then asked me for help, we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race. Big Rally last night,” Trump tweeted. No polling has emerged publicly that showed Bishop with a deficit of that magnitude. Operatives from both parties and analysts had long said the race was too close to call.


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Why would Trump say such a thing, if it wasn't true?

He's a liar.  But, why say 17?

You can see the numbers.


MASON = 17




Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks Zionist world domination.

Note two-faced Moses-Ahkentan.

We live in a masonic theocracy with images of all-seeing eyes, obelisks, pyramids, aprons all having their origin in ancient Egypt.

Pharaoah Ahkenaten reigned for 17 years before becoming Moses.


egypt mason.PNG




MASON = 73





TRUMP = 47



TRUMP = 88



We live in a MASONIC THEOCRACY only nobody told us. 

They told us George Washington "never told a lie," but they didn't say, he was a two-faced mason, which makes him a crown liar.

If they told us in school what our system really is, it would be obvious to everyone and people would get what I'm saying with ease.  The inverted illuminati hide the truth to protect the system. The right concept explodes it.

Most of masonry goes back to Gnosticism and Kabbalah were evil is conceived a substance, not an absence. The Ancient Greeks regarded vice as a function of ignorance, where the cure to vice is knowledge and education or refinement. This informed the Catholic point of view and the art of self-cultivation (bildung).  The other point of view is that god created evil or evil beings and that to get closer to god, one should do evil. This is the left hand path, the Jewish path, the path of the Sabbatean Jews, who indulge in child rape, motherfucking, other types of incest, and so on.  Kabbalah boy Trump hints at boning out Ivanka before "she" had pubes, and was on Jeffery Epstein's rape jet.

STAR WARS is the biggest cultural production in American history. It's about the Jedi and Kabbalah. Jedidiah is King Solomon. Masonry aims to rebuild Solomon's Temple. Building 7 was called the  Salomon Building. Egypt called the backbone of the universe the "djed."

STAR WARS, a futuristic space travel story, is all about ancient Egypt, Kabbalah, and the secret wars of the bankers and the ruling scum.


TRUMP is a number-worshipper paying tribute to a rigged election in North Carolina.

If you have a better explanation of the occurance of 17 out of nowhere in a political story, do tell.


Remember that piece of shit Mitt Romney, a Mormon (founded by masonry), told the public three times in a "leaked" video, that 47 percent of the public would automatically vote for Obama. The Solomon Building (Building 7), a tribute to Solomon's Temple, (rebuilding Solomon's Temple is a masonic objective which Trump and the Israelis are big on), had 47 stories.  Trump coin features him as a new King Cyrus.

Mitt Romney finished the 2012 election with 47% of the vote.




The story adds:


Bishop’s margin — a little more than 2 percentage points — was far less than the 11 percentage points by which Trump captured the district in 2016. And it was only slightly greater than when then-GOP candidate Mark Harris seemed to win the seat over McCready, 36, last year — before those results were annulled after evidence of vote tampering surfaced and a new election was ordered.


As if, this election doesn't show the invisible hand of masonry, straight from the mouth of POTUS himself.

POTUS = 26


CHAOS = 26





The Congressman involved is Dan Bishop. 

At a rally Trump staged for Bishop in July, Trump said four Democratic women of color should “go back” to their home countries, though all but one was born in the U.S. The crowd began chanting “Send her back!”

This is all part of the same masonic ritual which started on July 17th, when he had his SEND HER BACK rally for Bishop.


The whole politics of incitement is a masonic effort to polarize the public, while they tip the balance to stay in control.


There's a perfect match between SQUAD and MASON.



Of course, AOC is in on it.

AOC = 17.





Again this was a rally at Dan Bishop starting on July 17th.


DAN and MASON = 17 and 62


DAN BISHOP and TRUMP = 47 and 88

BISHOP = 33.








93rd FLOOR

Twin Towers were first bombed in 1993.


There's nothing wrong with being an atheist, but atheistic scientists say the ball earth is 93 million miles from the sun and that the universe is 93 billion light years wide. 


Jesus is worshipped on SUN-days. 


independent asteroid.PNG


The above story is an absolute hoax.  If I give you a buck of ashes, can you tell me how long the tree branch was? It's impossible. You don't have enough information to give a solid answer. These scientists claim to know the length of an asteroid 470 million years ago, and that it was 93 miles long.  Again, we see masonic code numbers 47 and 93.  We have sheer coding of numbers in a narrative by lying masonic bastards posing as scientists. This story comes from British newspapers, which is the origin of masonry. 


Scientists say the Big Bang started 13.7 billion years ago. 

137 is the 33rd Prime Number.

The sum of the degrees in the masonic square and compass 90 +47 = 137.

The spin of the earth at the equator is 1037mph.  Zeroes don't count in gematria. 137.

The masonic Big Bang and the masonic spin of the globe code 137 which codes 33.

Masons didn't land on the moon.

Masons faked the shape of the earth and scent-marked the science with their calling cards.


They say the tilt of the earth is 47/2 = 23.5 degrees.

They say the Karman Line, where space starts, is 62 miles up (100km). That's as arbitrary and contrived as can be. We know where it came from.  MASON = 62.

The "founding father" of the metric system was Gabriel Mouton.


metric system.PNG



The metric system was adopted in France in 1791 (TALMUD = 17/91) soon after the French Revolution; which is often said to have been instigated by masons.

They say the distance light travels in a nano-second is .33 meters. 

They say the escape velocity from earth's surface is 33 times the speed of sound. MACH 33.

Or, is it Mock 33?

The speed of sound is 343 m/s  which is 7 x 7 x 7.

343 firefighters were said to be lost on 9-11-01.

Sound is said to traverse a mile in 4.7 seconds and goes 767 mph.

There are many more such fishy masonic numbers in CONTRIVED "science" where "official" measurements are dubious garbage.


BISHOP = 33.



There are 33 bones in the spine.

Skull and Bones is a masonic banker fraternity of British-origin.

They say that this masonic theocracy landed its masons on the moon in 19-69.

"Three weeks ago"...BISHOP = 30 = 3 (since zeros drop in gematria).



You could see why Trump is so attached to Bishop and why the election of Bishop has been made into a litmus test on Trump.

The AP story (AP = 17) tells us that Trump won the district by 11 points in 2016.

This is the big story on September 11, 2019.

JEW = 11.

JESUS = 11

The Twin Towers shaped as 11's were blown up 33 years after construction began.

Interestingly, masonry is a transsexual cult with a hatred of real women.


FREEMASONIC = 63 (penis) and 54 (vagina)


The moon is 108 moons away from earth (SO THEY SAY =137)

The sun is 108 suns away from earth (SO THEY SAY = 137)

The sun is 108 earths in diameter.

A moon radius is 1086 miles.



VAGINA = 108



Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks Zionist world domination.

Masonry describes itself as a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

Is there a connection between Jesus, Vagina, and the speed of light?



(108 +108 + 108 +108) squared = 186,000 miles per hour is the approximate speed of light; which moves .33 m/s or 108 x 10^7 km/sec. 


Here is the story of 432 (108 + 108 + 108 +108).


186,624 factored by 6 gives us 6 x 6 x 6  x  6 x 6 x 6  x  6(.666)  


Someone loves the number 6 again. Six million Jews. Jews are the "light" among nations. 

Jesus describes himself as the bright morning star, and the King James Buy-Bull calls the morning star Lucifer. Lucifer is an invention of the deviant freemasonic King James. 


lucifer masonic.PNG


How can we be sure these official numbers are valid and not tributes pushed into science? How much of science is cucked? Lots of it.

What is the "orbital speed" of earth "around" the sun? It is often given as, 66,600 mph or 107,000 km.

Wikipedia puts it, Earth's oribital speed averages 107, 208 km/h; 66,616 mph, which is fast enough to cover the planet's diameter in 7 minutes and the distance to the moon in 4 hours. 

We see the 17/28 = MASON.  We see the 666. We see the 74. 

JESUS = 74.


The whole thing depends on heliocentrism. You can see why it was adopted.

The average person can't validate anything that is sophisticated.  They have to take it all on the authority from officially-approved scientists or outlets like Wikipedia. That's how the ruling scum rules.


RULING SCUM = 47/137

666 hexagram.PNG


17 Tributes


MASON = 17



"You know, I told the story the other day, I was probably in Washington in my entire life 17 times. True, 17 times. I don’t think I ever stayed overnight… Again, I’ve only been here about 17 times. And probably seven of those times was to check out the hotel I’m building on Pennsylvania Avenue and then I hop on the plane and I go back. So I’ve been there 17 times, never stayed there at night. I don’t believe. "


What is he coding here? Trump said 17 four times, which is 68 in sum.

If we add 7, we get 75.

If we minus 7, we get 61.  

Remember Mitt Romney claimed that Obama would win 47 percent of the vote. He said it three times and he ended up with 47 percent of the vote. Building 7 had 47 stories. This is a very similiar number tribute.


trump 17 2.PNG


trump 17 1.PNG


impeach 17.PNG



Masonry came out in 1717 London England. 

Trump's "enemy" McCain died 17 years after 9-11-01 and 17 days before 9-11-18.

You can see how politics, news, sports and entertainment, are all coordinated (rigged) using gematria.


17 questions jordan.PNG


code 17.PNG


Questions.  Q = 17.


Is Chelsea Clinton going to run for the 17th Congressional seat in New York, which google says is 1 hour and 7 minutes north of NYC?

17 17 chelsea.PNG


Like plastic Ivanka, Chelsea has  defensive personality, like it is covering up secrets.

Like ugly Ivanka Trump, ugly Chelsea has had plastic surgery, but has left its Adam's Apple.


ugly ivanka.jpg


Now we know what DEEP THROAT means in this MASONIC THEOCRACY which is a British trans-cult.

Whatever these creatures are, they aren't part of the human races. They go back to the conehead pharaohs who seem to be hermaphrodites, just as, Ahkenaten presented himself as.

Hillary Clinton plays the butch with no sign of feminine gentileness ("bake your own fucking cookies!"), while Trump comes across as a granny on occasion.

“I’d like to welcome the winners of the 2019 Little League World Series Championships,” Trump said.

“Look at these handsome kids. It drives me crazy how good looking they are.”

Video LINK

Do little boys drive you crazy with how handsome they are?

Trump says he wanted to take the little girls baseball team on his jet without their parents or adult supervisors. Sounds like a tribute to the Epstein's rape jet. 

He also suggests that the Japanese would use 18 year olds on their little league teams, noting that sports is rigged.  Kabbalistic Jews own the major leagues, are the sport agents, and the GMs. Jews are good at rigging sports with the Kabbalistic (((Jesuits))).


The team is ORANGE.  Trump says "you don't choke."

Sounds like Trump will and he is hinting at it.






Is there a body double going on?

What about the boob-breast plate with complimentary nips?

How big and hard would your nipples have to be to see through your bra?

If it isn't wearing a bra, how unprofessional is this "daughter"?

Or, is it staged twitter fodder to keep Ivan Trump in the news?  Note the weirdo trannies-suspects behind Ivan to girly up Ivan by comparison.  It's funny how Jews hate blonde hair-blue-eyed Germans, but culturally-appropriate our phenotype with bleaching their hair and plastic surgery. Jews hate us for our beauty and genes, but are desperate to clone us.

The job of the Trumps is to have conservatives accept degeneracy, so they can't demonize Clinton-types in the future.  Republicans are easily put in their place with accusations of hypocrisy.

Kabbalahvanka wrote a book called Women Who Work. That's WWW, or 666, since w is the 6th letter in the Hebbie-Jebbie alphabet, and these Kabbalists think this way. 

Trump flashes the 666 every chance he gets.

I bet those Trumps would like that nickname since it has a 33/87 which also equals CLINTON.




In the video below, note Ivanka's impressive Adam's apple when she swallows.

Warmonger Warren isn't the only right-wing transsexual economist.


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