She gives you the creeps, right?

She's a freak.

Every time I hear her speak, she has the same weird body language, like that of a physicalistic man DRAPED by a woman's outward appearance.

America loves its chicks with dicks.


No female professor of mine every acted like that.

Republican Racist Liz Warren was a wonk professor at Harvard.

She came from the lowest ranking law school for a professor in Harvard's history.

She is being puffed to power, going back to the 1980's, just like Trump, just like, Pharaoh Obama. Just like Hillary Clinton, who was in Life Magazine in 1968. Clinton said she was looking for a more "penetrating" way of living. 

What man isn't?

What are the odds a deep state magazine (founded by Henry Luce, Skull and Bones) would find and give a national first spread to a future First Lady? The odds are bullshit.  What are the odds that something called Nancy Reagan from Quaker intel school, Sidwell Friends, would find a Hollywood actor to ride to the White House? The odds are just as far-fetched. These are agents with constructed lives.


Warren does the 666 hand sign just like Donald Trump in the video.

666 is the mark of the beast, which is the mark of the tranny.

It's not odd, in the feminist era, for a woman to take her husband's name or to keep her maiden.

However, it is odd that Lizard Warren kept her first husband's name. Can you imagine that?  How much of a cuck would you have to be to accept that? Would you tolerate another man's name on your wife? That is bizarre. 

Why did she keep her husband's name after divorcing and keep it when marrying again? She didn't mind taking her first husband's name, why not her second husband's name?

There are a lot of Warrens in the ruling scum. 

What's even more bizzare is that her current husband's name is Mann.  If Warren took his name, her name would be ELIZABETH MANN.




Look at those Arnold arms. That's super lean muscle mass. I never saw that on a woman. Even a retired Dave Palumbo doesn't have those kinds of forearms today. How can anyone be so lean and muscular like that? What kind of species is conehead Warren?

Here she does some masonic-tranny signaling of the Vesica Pisces, the dot in the circle, the 666 mark of the beast, and a ISIS tribute through Wonder Woman (33).

This reinforces the masonic theocracy thesis.

In fact, Wonder Woman has a predecessor called ISIS.


isis and wonder woman2.jpg


isis and wonder woman.jpg



Below, you hear tributes to stone, rock, and mason.

Masonry goes back to Egypt.

Note the phrase that she became a "dual person." 

ISIS in reverse is SISI. 

Masonry is a two-faced religion that seeks Zionist world domination.

"Dual person" is tranny talk for the REBIS...the KaBAListic conception of Adam and Eve, as a body with two heads and two private parts male and female.

It's incredible they would dump ISIS-worship on children on Saturday mornings.

It's also doubly ironic they would declare war on ISIS, when they are ISIS.

It all makes sense, once you realize that we live in a MASONIC THEOCRACY.

Both the actresses seem to have Adam's Apples.






Here we find out that Dingy Harry (as Rush Limbaugh calls him) was given MASON as his middle name. He is also a Mormon.  Five British kings were masons and the five founders of Mormonism were masons.

Note Hary Mason Reid's handsigns from the google screen shot of 9-29-19 match those of Elizabeth Warren.  The article tells us that Ms. Mann was boosted into politics by the Harry Mason. 



Link to NBC article


We live in a masonic theocracy.


UPDATE 10-17-19:

They dragged Harry Reid out of retirement to do an interview, regarding, WONK SUPREMACIST, Warmonger Warren.  He defends her as "pragmatic." Basically, Reid implies that Warren is a phony who will move right into the Zionist-corporatist submissive position of the status quo.


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