"Don't fight a battle, if you gain nothing in winning. " -Rommel




If you don't understand Donald Trump, you won't be able to beat him.

Trump is scandal-trolling democrats.


How do we know this is all theater and bullshit?



All the countries of WASPDOM are in CHAOS. 

Britain has Brexit-chaos.

Canada has blackface-chaos.

Israel has election-chaos.

The US has impeachment-chaos.

CHAOS = 19 in Gematria.

It's 2019.

All of this is planned chaos.

That's the first layer in understanding what is going on.


Isn't it incredible that a video of Joe Biden has come out using aid to Ukraine as "extortion?"

He does it at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). That's the British-masonic Roundtable groups of Cecil Rhodes.  He does exactly what Trump is accused of.  What are the odds of the exact same scandal? In fact, the "whistle-blower complaint doesn't match the summary of the phone call."

Obviously, Trump is scandal-trolling democrats and they have no understanding of what kind of trap Trump is laying for them. All of this is sinking Biden fast, if he wasn't circling the drain already. 

Democrats can't imagine that impeaching Trump and electing Biden can be viable. What does this mean, except, that Trump has made Biden is unelectable to democrats on a scandal that is leaked and fake just to sandbag Biden. Obviously, they had this Biden video long ago and could have created a fake scandal to bring it to national attention. By forcing all the other democrats to go all in on impeachment, Biden is gassed by his own party. Now he knows it.

Trump is winning. With Biden's help. With the help of the CFR.  With the help of the British. With the help of DNC democrats and too many progressives.

The ruling scum wants Trump re-elected.

This is the second layer of what is going on.



What about regular democrats?

Do Democrats really want to give the GOP a fresh start, to give the entire GOP the opportunity to turn back the clock by impeaching Trump; to give Mike Pence a chance to be president and to look presidential? What a way to make an invincible incumbent! He has nothing to be accountable for and all the energy of a new administration. He could be president for 9 years!

The Koch machine will be full throttle for Pence. Pence is like Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell, and the Tea Party all in one. Just imagine how stoked the Christian right would be for Pence. Impeachment is a huge win for the GOP to get rid of baggage thye never wanted in the first place.  GOP, Inc. doesn't want to carry Trump's water. They will be energetic coolies for Pence.

Impeachment removes the flaming tire from the neck of the GOP.

How does that help democrats?

Do democrats really want to win the Presidency? I'm not convinced of that. Bonkers Bernie pulls punches on Wormhead Warren. He doesn't want to win. He wants to change hearts and minds. Wormhead Warren wants impeachment. She looks like a huge ass of confusion that Trump will use agianst her. This is bigger than Pocahontas.

Talk about knocking out two birds with one stone.

Tootsi Gabbard has reverse herself and is now for impeachment.

Democrats don't have a deep bench as everyone can see with these fourth-string candidates.

If Pence wins, he will win re-election. Presidents tend to win re-election.

With a Pence victory, every democrat will be down on the Supreme Court 9-0 for the rest of your natural life. What a sentence!

What a high-risk gamble.

That is the third layer of consideration.


In truth, Donald Trump could shot someone in Times Square and Nancy Pelosi still would not impeach him. Why not? Donald Trump is their golden goose for fundraising.  They need him to open wallets and he knows it. Their hearts aren't in impeachment.  Various sources have said democrats would have impeachment articles by the end of October, by Thanksgiving, and before the end of the year; pushing it more and more into the future.

This is the last layer to consider.


If democrats have a brain, they would avoid impeachment because there is nothing to gain. If they succeed, they lose. If they do it half-way, they lose.  If they fail, they lose.


The triggered-crowd of high-horse, invisibly-disabled, tactical fools like Ana Kasparian and the Progressive Voice show no sense of the risk or foolishness of impeachment, but what to show they are hard-on Trump. Win impeachment. Loose the election. Lose the Supreme Court.

How is that progressive?


The dolt left will not beat Trump. They will jump at the first scandal that comes along, like they're desperate.

A real progressive must repudiate deceptions and degeneracy to see through the tricks of our system and ruling scum to destroy it. Destroying our masonic theocracy is progress and the pre-condition of all real progress from ending Zionist wars to debt slavery to unnecessary racial hostility that masonry (KKK) thrives on.

All of this shows that the civilians of this country have no strategy to beat Trump or the DNC enablers of this masonic theocracy. It will take a true revolutionary to give the strategy, message, resources (post-hoc public funding), to put up a real fight against the ruling scum.

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