What does it matter if the earth is flat?

1) There's no global warming on a flat earth.  If the earth is flat, there is no reason to pay FART TAXES.

Interestingly, even if global warming exists, even if ice caps melt, even if coastal areas are flooded, this type of event is the most managable catastrophe you could ask for, a slow innundation where people can flee with their belongings to higher ground with decades of heads-up. You can't easily escape a sudden earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, wars, droughts, plagues, meteor collision, and so on.

Global warming can't be a climate emergency, but is a manageable change with great opportunities. 

With much larger oceans, there will be much more seafood and much more land will open up in Antartica, Greenland, Canada, Russia.  

There is no reason for hysteria and no reason for bizarre creatures like featureless non-entity Tin-Tin Greta to go Puritan over fart taxes.  Compare Tin Tin to AOC.

2) If the earth is flat, and it is produced by a PRIMER FIELD, then it is likely the earth suffers from periodic calamities that caused our ancestors to hide under the earth to avoid being swept away into the Black Hole Sun. Pop music is MASONIC ROCK MUSIC.


primer field bowl.PNG

An Primer Field, an electromagnetic field that contains two levels under a dome field. As energy builds up under the dome, it is periodically released up and out. Is this the "pole reversals" we hear about? Primer Fields Part II.  Fields are scalable. What kind of field made the earth? A field directs energy to form the structures of our world.



Iron earth collects at the choke ring level producing a flat earth disk. 16:00min  The magnetic field keeps you from falling off the earth. The field produces the electro-magnetic dome that opens and closes periodically.


This point is an issue of public safety and the survival of our species. The public has a right to know if the earth is flat, and whether and how often the sky opens up and sucks out anything not bolted down. 

Among her own, AOC is not belittled for saying the world will end in 2031.


aoc mason global warming green new deal fiction.PNG


What if the mechanism of catastrophe is not public, where only the rich and powerful and networked get to know of the real pole reversal to survive in the government's tunnels? If dense material falls to the earth out of charge and not "gravity," then, whatever might reverse the charge reverses the flow of material from down to up. (What if "gravity" is just a conceptual redundancy of electrostatics?)

What is the point of underground "continuity of government?" The goverment knows that bin Laden didn't do it, but they are preparing for underground bases and underground lifestyles. What are they really preparing for and using our money to build? Our masonic theocracy knows that it did the Twin Tower explosions. What are they really hiding from? Why are they keeping it from us?

Our government doesn't like Gentiles. It hates Gentiles. What if the Gentiles will perish while the rich Jews, masons and mormons, the elect and select, get to survive?

What if the periodic events happen:

every 206 years (number of bones in the body)

every 222 years (George Washington was born 2-22)

every 322 years (Skull and Bones number)

110 years (number of stories in the Twin Towers).

It is, likely, some type of famous symbolic masonic number.

We live in a masonic theocracy. They lie to us and they hint at the truth.  Only those who are wise enough to take the hints survive.

The primer field thesis provides a mechanism for the periodic catastrophes that afflict the earth, a true pole reversal, which reverses up and down. What is on earth falls up. What goes up must come down; what comes down must go up. This would also account for the period flood by ground water and mud, now known as the MUD FLOOD.

Everyone has heard of Project Blue Beam. The Twin Towers were given a tribute for 33 days with blue beams in the air.  Is this a masonic metaphor for the blue plasma that scours the earth, periodically?

Five months after my sister died, when I was 16, I saw blue plasma coming from the wooden chair and furniture in my bedroom. I didn't have words for it at the time.


seeing magnetic fields.PNG





Do you believe the public has a right to know the truth, even if it is bizarre to the NASA-addled?

Another advantage of the primer field these is that it explains what gave rise to rise to the earth and why it is flat, and why the sun and stars circle within our atmosphere, why the earth is "unmoving," within its primer field envelop, and how the earth is connected to a backbone of the universe. The notion that the earth is on a turtle is a metaphor for its lack of motion. Within the primer field, it is unmoving.  If it is locked in place to a backbone of the universe it is also unmoving. Since nothing is bigger than the universe, nothing can move it, so the universe is unmoving.



Flat Earth Thesis

From a layman's point of view, which is to say, from the point of view of the common observer, there are multiple lines of evidence that the earth is flat:


1) The Horizon looks flat.

2) The Horizon rises to eye level all around us; it doesn't fall all around us, as if we were on top of a ball.

3) Apart from dust breezes and storms, the air is, generally, still or slowly moving. On a ball earth 24,000 miles in circumference, rotating once every 24 hours, the earth would be rotating at the equator at 1000 mph. It would be continuously rotating against the atmosophere. The friction should be outstanding with constant near-hurricane force winds at the equator.  We don't detect that.

4) On a flat earth, you would weight the same across the earth. On a spinning globe, you would weigh less at the equator. We don't get lighter as we move away from the equator.

5)  Water runs from high to low. Rivers run in all directions, but no river runs in two opposite directions. On a spinning ball, you would think the bias of water flow would be towards the equator. The Nile runs away from the equator for hundreds of miles.

6) Many landmarks should be invisible under the curvature of the earth, however, people have been able to see islands and buildings despite the curvature of the earth.

These six observations are repeatable to anyone who opens their eyes.  Ball-earthers freely admit that the horizon looks flat.


7) Evidence of claims of the ball earth come from NASA which claims it landed masons on the moon. Masonry believes in Kabbalah and perfect spheres represent divinity. The ball model is a religious model, posing as a secular model. Big Bang came from the Catholic priest Lamaitre. The earth is said to be 93 million miles from the Sun and the universe is supposed to be 93 billion light years across. CHRIST THE REDEEMER = 93 in gematria. 

8) Newton's Third Law of motion tells us that you need a medium to move. You need to push against ground, water, or air to move. You can't push against nothing and move. You can't push against space. Space travel is nothing travel. To land on the moon you need to accelerate. You cannot accelerate in space with a rocket. "Gravitational assists" don't get you off the moon. You cannot get off the ground surrounded by a vaccum with a rocket. You need atmosophere, which is why rockets can get off the ground here on earth.

9) On the basis of Newton's Third Law we can reject the official story of the moon landing and its underlying cosmology. We can also reject the "pale blue dot" as a hoax. All of NASA's artist renderings are cartoons meant to deceive the public.  Masonry is a religion that "deceives those who deserve to be deceived," as masonic General Albert Pike put it.  You can't trust the word of masons.

There are many other lines of evidence.


10) Engineers do not take into account the curvature of the earth when laying train tracks, tells you that practicioners in the field work from a flat earth perspective.  You would think they would. They don't have to. If the earth is flat, they only have to worry about the grade along mountains.


The earth is like a CD of iron and silicon upon which the sun and moon read, write, and erase.

None of these point so far explain why the flat earth thesis is important. Many people say that it supports the idea of god, but that is not true. As we saw, historically, perfect spheres were associated with the divine. The religion of masonry is behind the ball earth model and many astrological theories.

What really counts is that we may be on a flat earth surrounded by or produced by a primer field. A primer field builds up energy, and then releases, periodically.   


related words 61 119.PNG

Just some interesting relationships between numbers and words. Nothing to see here.


Is the earth a flat earth motherboard or a CD, where the sun and moon read and write, information on and off it? Are things periodically erased?






flat earth climate models.PNG




1. If the earth is flat, there is NO global warming.

2. Regardless of the shape of the earth, there is no climate emergency.

Emergencies are sudden and severe disruptions that immediately endanger life and property. 

Isolated extremes are not "climate change," global warming, or emergencies because every area has its extremes and followed by a reversion to its norm.

An emergency is when the extreme is so extreme there is immediate danger to life and property. Because of their suddenness, preparation and evacuation are challenging or impossible.  An avalache or landslide is an emergency. There is a danger zone.  A flash flood is an emergency.

Sudden. Unexpected. Dangerous.

By their nature, such extremes are rare and isolated. Even earthquakes, which used to shatter whole cities, do far less damange than they used to because technology has buildings built stronger and smarter.

You would think high IQ people could reason this way, but WARREN'S WONKS can't.

Earthquake  intensity quickly decreases with distance from an epicenter.  A fast-moving hurricane is gone quickly and water can't dump as much water. A slow stalled hurricane, which defies nature, i.e., geo-engineered hurricanes aren't global warming caused by CO2, but geo-engineered catastrophes to scare the public into thinking there is global warming. 

It is impossible to have a flat earth or global emergency without a cause.  Even under the globe model, it takes asteroids that come once in 100 million years to have extiction events. Farting is not going to end life on earth.

We have plenty of warning that the earth might get hotter and people have air-conditioners to prepare. Have they prepared for global cooling and a new ice age? Have they prepared for the spays that the government uses to geo-engineer and cool the weather, which ruin planting and harvesting of crops, and ruin harvests?

Has the public planned for famine initiated by over-responding to the false song of global warming?

The climate activists want us to consider their views on the weather as an emergency to alter our behavior, when in fact, there is no real emergency. In a real emergency, people run for their lives. They don't need prompting from a government- funded activist.

That's the quixotic and bizarre nature of climate gurus crying, "Emergency! The world is ending in 12 years."  Literally insane.

Agent AOC is shitwashing progressives and progessives lap it up.

I bet like, all the other masonic fratboys, AOC is laughing her ass off behind closed doors.






The Green New Deal from the Sunrise Movement uses a FLAT EARTH LOGO a logo that works off a flat plain.


green new deal.PNG


sunrise logo.jpeg




There is no such thing as "a temperature of the earth" in the strict sense.  All temperature is localized.

The "equator" could be 500 degrees and the "poles" could be 30 degrees below freezing. 

If this were so, ice caps wouldn't melt and seas wouldn't rise.

There is no "temperature" of the earth.

If heat is evenly spread throughout a body, you can take "its" temperature.  If it is not spread out evenly, as is the case of the earth, there is no temperature of the whole.  The concept is inapplicable.  Critics have noticed that city temperatures have risen because of blacktop roads that absorb heat and release it slowly. This would increase local temperatures. Go out of the city by 10 miles and things cool off by several degrees.  As such, it isn't valid to say the earth is warming, if it is only an urban warming effect. Of course, people warm their homes in the cities, industry uses steam in the cities, cars run in the cities. There's more heat in the cities, and that will bias the thermometers of airports in the cities.

Temperature is localized to where the thermometer is and no farther; and is subject to all local conditions which may not and often do not reflect the larger environment.

Even with a circulating atmosphere, the heat of the earth is not spread evenly.  You can't take its temperature.

So the idea that if the earth's temperature goes up by 2 degress and everything falls to sheeet is not an  epistemological or scientific truth.  It's a scam.

As such, it is wrong to say that year X is the warmest on record.  It may be the warmest in Houston on record, but Houston is not the earth. We see a misleading shift from the local to the global.

You can't even say there is global warming, if the amount of heat from the sun has not increased. Only the sun can meaningfully heat the earth. All data on the sun tell us that the sun isn't producing the heat it used to. We are in a solar minimum.

That's a second pillar of the global warming scam.

If the sun dims, which it has, how have the warmists accounted for that?




Tranny Agent Greta






Tranny Tomi Rae Augstus Lahren, i.e., Tommy Ray Augustus Lahren

Why doesn't this fake piece of trash have a real female name?

Why does the masonic right wing entertain loads of transsexuals at FOX (666) News?

Why are these British-servile, Jew-servile, Israeli-servile, masonic scumbags into trannies and running half the country? Right-wing trannies are no better than left-wing trannies.

If it isn't Jew versus Jew hogging the debates, it is tranny versus tranny.









It's all a masonic tranny fest...


I'm not a fan of the term gas-lighting because it is not an intuitive term, such as, half-dick Donald.


Mind-fuck might be the best term because the point of the masonic theocracy is not just to lie to you, but to attack your sanity, to attack your sanity by getting you to deny the reality of what you are seeing.

You don't see a ball earth.  You see a flat horizon.

You don't feel the spin.  You feel stationary.

You don't feel hurricane force winds. You feel the air is calm.

They give you CGI cartoons and stories of moon landings and science fiction to mind-fuck you.

Gas-lighting globalism is a might fuck.

"Everyone is the same.  There are no racial differences produced by isolated populations tailored to a geographic niche." That's another message of gas-lighting globalism not on the shape of the earth, but on race.

British Masonry is an all out war on human sanity; a flame-thrower of sanity-subverting psy-ops.

You see Tomi Laheren with lipstick and bleach blonde hair and a three male names. What are you going to do with that information? Realize a fishy fact? Have you spotted an agent? Will you get more information? Or will you gloss it over?  You see Donald Trump with a small mouth, small hands, sitting with a tranny. What is he signaling with his shit-face? Why did Ivanka's "husband" register female in the NYS election registration? Why did Ivanka get so much plastic surgery? What ugliness are the really covering up?

Why are these trannies dick-jousting with each other in their own echo chamber that hogs public discourse? How is that possible? Talent or rigging by the ruling scum?





Washed Out Tommy Today. Washed Out Tranny Tomorrow.

Agents have no place in our media.







When the First Lady is more masculine than the predator, I think we have a problem.

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