Israel is a fake state.

How do we know?

We know that to be a knight is to be "a servant of," particularly, the servant of his sovereign.



We know that President of Israel, Shimon Peres accepted knighthood from the Queen of England, on behalf of, the State of Israel.

This is a public statement that the Queen of England is the Queen of Israel and that the State of Israel, an actual sovereign entity, is bullshit.

Israel is a servant of the British Empire and was designed by the British to be a beachhead into the Ottoman Empire. Jews were supposed to go to the Middle East to reconnect with their imagined past, and plant cotton, with British soldiers protecting them.

Now you can see that the British Empire needed the Holocaust to exist to give their sham state a veneer of justification, except, it doesn't.



The claim that Jews need a safe haven from anti-semitism does not justify their taking of Palestine from the British who took it for their Empire.

If you steal a car and give it to your co-conspirator is that acceptable? Only when might is right.

If might is right, then anyone who can smash the Jews is right. That means Hitler and the Romans are right and the Jews are wrong.

Thus, there is no justification for Jews to have their own state or to even exist.  Might is right!

That is what Israel means for the Jews...a death sentence.



Of all the places the British could have given Jews a cut of their genocidal empire, the place to do it is where it would have caused the least friction; where Jews could pass away into obscurity. Instead, the British put the Jews in the one place, where it would cause the most conflict; putting the Jews on center stage.

British genocidal geopolitics wanted to link Palestine to India and stab Russia in its underbelly. To the British, whoever controls Russia, controls the world. That's where they want to be. That's why they foment war in the Middle East to this day. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. Palestine to India.

The British Empire hides under the skirt of Jewish victimization. Israel, itself, is a total fraud.



The British Empire firebombed Germany, incenerating numerous cities and killing tens of thousands of unarmed women and children, in a war of, British choice; and blamed Hitler for the hoax of gassing Jews to shift attention from their offical policy of German genocide.

In a war, you attack soldiers to force them to sue for peace through diplomats.

In a genocide, you attack civilians and dismiss diplomacy.

History shows the British invented the concentration camp in South Africa to kill off Boers. History shows us the British used famine as a war weapon.

History shows that the British, repeatedly, ignored peace iniatiatives from the Kaiser, Hitler, Himmler, and Hess who flew a daring mission to engage the tone-deaf British. British evil-doers, like Churchill, were engaged in genocide.  

With the Irish, the British stole their food and called it a Potato Famine. With Germans, they firebombed unarmed civilians, starved surrending soldiers, and demonized Germans with a hoax genocide of Jews to shift world attention from genocidal firebombing that no one disputes.



If the gassing of Jews didn't happen, then Israel is founded on a fraud.

Today, the holocaust is characterized as an event where 6 million Jews disappeared in 6 Polish death camps in a 6 year war. This gives us a 666.



Donald Trump is 1000% for Israel.

Donald Trump flashes the 666 all the time.

The equilateral triangle which is the component of the davidstern (the Star of David), has three 60 degree angles. In gematria, zeroes have no meaning, thus, the triangle reduces to a 666.

Jared Kushner owns 666 Fifth Avenue.

Jews love the six.

Six days of creation.

Six days before a bath.

Six sides to a Jewish cube.

Six-Day war.

Six times Jews accused Jesus of being a demon.

Jews are number-worshippers.

Numbers don't make history. Jews need numbers for their prophesies to appear to be true. They manufacture history to conform to their number-worship.

fabricated gas chambers.PNG



The six million Jews trick is a trick of mentalism to invoke emotional assocations and trigger reactions to control the public.  The six million number has been reduced by millions already, yet children are forced to repeat the six million number.


Do you really think that if concentration camps for Jews were really death camps that there would be survivors? No chicken survives the slaughter house. No Jew would survive a death camp. Proof of survivors by the millions is proof there was no holocaust of Jews. It is proof of a profitable lie.

Do you think that anyone who, sincerely,  believes in the Holocaust would return to Germany, as Jew do to get cheap yogurt, or to take up former positions, they had no right to have in the first place? Why would any Jew go to Germany after they were kicked out. Jews are lunatics and frauds.

ashes2 (2).png


Jews have a proven financial stake in the illusion of the holocaust. The British have a stake in it because Germans are forced to support a British colony in the Middle East and American and British WASPS don't have to face the genocide of Germans and the ruination of European civilization. 

Israel would not exist without the German taxpayer. Israeli infrastructure belongs to Germans.



Hitler did not invade Poland. Hitler EVICTED Poland out of Prussia.

Prussia is Germany, populated by Germans, developed by Germans. It is culturally, linguistically, and ethnically, German. Only a British or Jewish lunatic would think that putting Germans under a foreign boot is legitimate or would work out in peace.

It is completely legitimate to kick out a foreign power, especially, one engaged in ethnic-cleansing, as Polish authority in Germany was doing. At the behest of the British and American governments and their own envy and malice, both Polish and WASP powers were eager to foment a response against Polish imperialism in Germany to declare war on Germany to swept it from the face of the earth.

The British turned Poland into a British sacred cow and then slaughtered it after the war. Poland was of no use to them, except, as a trip-wire to start a second genocidal war on Germans.

Evicting Poland out of Prussia is exculpatory.

Self-defense is exculpatory.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

The genocial imperlists in Washington and London could have accepted the end of the fake-state of Poland that was created after WWI; a state without a people to support it, certainly, in Prussia. 

If they accepted the end of their genocidal pursuit, WWII would not have happened. Tens of millions of people who perished in WWII by the direct responsbility of the British and American governments.

It was Clemenceau who declared on behalf of the masonic lunatics, "There are twenty million too many Germans."


Communism is the slavery of Gentiles to Jews. Jews CAUSE communism. 

If blacks have a right to fight off slavery, then Gentiles have the right to fight off Jews.

The Jewish Talmud envisions 2800 Gentile slaves for every Jew. The Jews want that messiah to come and restoring the Third Temple is key to his return. The morons who believe in Israel are digging their own grave because whether or not a messiah comes to give Jews their Gentile slaves, they will have power to take slaves and kill off those who reject their slavery.

The "land of the free" supports the kingomd of slavery.

Jews were fomenting communism in Russia and Germany. The world could see that Jews were slaughtering civilians in Russia. They fomented the mutiny that caused the Kaiser to lose his chain of command. They switched sides during wartime to bring America into the war. Jews are traitors. Traitors get death.

Jews killed the Czar and his family. Communists kill the top 15 percent of a population to destroy resistance. Jews were threatening the death of 15 percent of Germans. Jews had no rights in Germany. They were a literal and objective existential threat. Jews needed to be kicked out of Germany or put into camps to protect the population.

Self-defense is exculpatory.

Germans have a right to exist, and WASPS deny this right. That is the cause of WWI and WWII.

Israel is a fraud founded on the genocide of Germans; and the atrocity propaganda invented to justify it.

Israel is founded on the genocide of Germans; not on the genocide of Jews.


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