We live in a MASONIC THEOCRACY; where politics and sports are rigged, by among other things, number rituals.

In 1961 Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in the masonic game of baseball.

Is it a cohencidence? 61/61.  

What is 61 in Gematria?




The Working Families Party reported that they endorsed Elizabeth Warren with 61% support.


Bernie is big on health care, backing Proposition 61, and "equal pay for equal work;" citing 61 cents.


Bernie 61 wages.PNG


That's 61/61.

That won't happen again, will it?


October 6 is written 10/6 in the US, but 6/10 in France.

In Gematria, zeroes drop because all codes start with 1s or more, not zeroes. So, 610 is 61.


Masonic activity is rampant in Hawaii. Obama came from Hawaii among other places. 

Obama was born in '61.  He is said to be 6'1".

The missile attack hoax came just before the Hawaii's governor DAVID IGE = 61 became 61.

We have another 61/61 involving a governor and a president. 

There wouldn't be another 61/61 involving a governor, could there be?



The 6th of October 2018 (61) was the date of the HOAX LIMO CRASH in Schoharie, NY.

I visited the site.  Major media reported a steep hill around a bend to give the public a reason to believe the possibility that 17 passengers (MASON = 17) would die in one car crash, one driver, and two pedestrians.

I saw a long gentle hill that comes to a T that is obvious to the driver.  Any driver that is competent would apply breaks. Either the driver didn't, or his breaks failed, or they just dumped a limo in a ditch from a well-worn path; a crashed limo which was never shown to the public.

Before to that, I expected a local event that would blow up into a national story on 9-9-18. That would be 999 or 666.  I figured it was something to do with fire. I worked from the day Rand Paul was hit in the ribs on 11-3-17. The same day a huge masonic fire took place in Cohoes. Masonic activity was clearly going on in upstate NY

The limo crash happened 27 days after, or 9+9+9.

The Limo Hoax happened 61 days before Andrew Cuomo's 61st birthday.

Supposedly, the Working Families Party is under Cuomo's Thumb.

So, we have another national story giving tribute to a governor's 61st birthday.



What happened 6 months and 10 days after the Limo Crash?

The Notre Dame Arson of April 15th, 2019.


What day is 6 months and 10 days after the Notre Dame Arson?

October 25th.


Will that be a big day?

Is that the day Bernie calls it quits due to health reasons?

Is that the day Andrew Cuomo jumps into the race?

Or does Cuomo wait to October 31st which is 61 days before the end of the year?

November 8th is 61 days after Bernie's Birthday. 

We shall expect big news about Bernie on any of these dates.




Or will he pull the plug on the 6th of October 2019?


CHAOS = 19

CHEST = 19

Bernie goes down with CHEST pains.

The limo hoax has a new memorial, revealed in 2019, involving a Egyptian lotus. Masonry goes back to Egypt. Only 19 spots were given. The dead driver was exclused from the memorial. 

Isn't it fascinating that all big three democratic candidates took serious blows, just after Trump gets an impeachment inquiry?

How do all three go down in flames so fast?

Biden is implicated in the Trump scandal.

Warren (FACE PLANTS) can't reason on the spot about her ethics plan and looks like an ass.

Bernie gets stabbed in the heart for medical reasons.

Seems like a masonic head, neck, chest ritual evolving.


"What is this?" askes Claudia. 




dubya rockefeller.PNG

The Twin Towers had 110 stories.

They went up under a Rockefeller and down under a Bush.


Will Obama die at age 61?

Rockefeller links the Twin Towers arson/demolition to the Notre Dame arson. 

Masons love arsons and bridge collapses and other engineering disasters.

These secret society cabals don't know more than the average person in the positive sense. They don't have positive secret knowledge they preserved for the sake of mankind. Rather, they create frauds and deceptions, negative knowledge, and milk those for profit. They push and enforce "official stories." The cabals don't have honest secrets to share with humanity. If they had useful information to preserve and share with humanity, they would share it, especially, today when information can spread like crazy and be preserved forever. They wouldn't push official stories and secret truths. 






Well, it turns out that bernie's heart attack hoax spans 3 weeks and 3 days of his birthday (33).

Would Bernie fans feel the same about him, if he hoaxed his heart attack?


related words 61 119.PNG


Hillary Clinton collapsed on September 11, 2016 and carried a logo suggesting a jet flying into the North Tower.  Two significant 911 tributes.


A heart attack is a serious life event. Any normal person would take it as a time to reflect and adjust life. Bernie shows no emotion signs of a heart attack. He is back throwing balls around and campaigning and debating, as if nothing happened.

Since this is a masonic theocracy that works on number rituals, we can be sure nothing happened, until proven otherwise.

Until we see the medical charts, papers, and the scar, and the pills he takes, we should doubt his claims of a heart attack.

That's what good citizens have to do to avoid being sucked into the swirling shithole of American politics.


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