Thesis: you can only beat Trump as the true nationalist, the good-faith nationalist.

Biden: Ass-kissing Zionist. You can't beat a zionist lunatic, like Trump, who is Israeli-First 1000%, with me-too. There's no edge there. What is Biden's decisive advantage over Trump? Age? LGBT? Who gives a shit about fags? That holds true more today than ever. Fag-fatigue is rampant. Biden is stale and he is addled with baggage going back to the 1970s!

Sanders: a socialist who can't run his own house, much less the White House. If you admit decision-making is your greatest weakness, you are admitting you are unfit for office. He would be better off caught in a photo holding a cigar standing next to a Lewinski. That's really a crushing admission. Admitted incompetence is no advantage over an incumbent. 




If the two leading Democratic candidates are doomed, democrats better wake up now.

None of the Vag-candidates have the charisma of Hillary Clinton; neither did Hillary Clinton.

None of the Vag-candidates are nationalists, or clear and convincing anti-zionists.

None of them are committed to eradicating the zionist theocracy in DC.

No program. They need the Jew money.

If all the candidates need the Jew money, they can't defend the country from zionism; they can't be nationalists, and they can't beat Trump.

The problem we face is over their heads, and their poll numbers show it.

Mayor Butt-plugger is a Rhodes Scholar and a foreign enemy, who is allowed to run in our elections because we have no national security. The Rhodes Mafia wants to put all habitable land under the stink-foot of the Englishman, which includes, pressing Americans into service for the British Empire, as they have, in four major wars.

The top three male candidates are toast.

No one likes the name Beto. The skateboarder looks like he ripped off his upper lip during  show and tell.

You can see the current field is, easily, defeated with a little work.

There's no depth there. It's a numerous, but low quality field.

If you understand this, and you know that I understand this, then you know that you need President Kraus.

Only President Kraus has the talent and the memes to beat zionist lunatic Trump.

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