This article goes well with AOC's all-too perfect dick-jousing with Donal Trump.


Note the Green New Deal shitwashing of genuine nature-concerns buried under a mountain of costly hysteria.


I want to believe in AOC, that she is just incidentally Jewish, from a begone past, and is pro-Gentile against the WASP-Jew ruling scum.  Having read Louise Fahrakhan's The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jew, we find that Jews ran a huge portion of the slave trade and were the "whites," and that they raped their way through their slaves.

AOC could be a asset, if she was out for truth and justice; a Puerto Rican Arminius.

That's probably a pipe-dream, but it was possible to think so in up to July of this year.

The Green New Deal is just so over the top, spending $20 trillion, which is the entire size of the economy. It would starve us on green tech the way Mao starved China on steel-tech.

Worst of all, we aren't in global warming. We have cooling from a Solar Minimum. The crops were planted late in 2019 because of a wet spring, and crops were under-developed because of a lack of sun and warmth, and they had to be harvested early because of early snow and more rain.

The US crop is down by 1/3 and this is happening across the world. That's famine by cooling.

40% of US corn crop goes into ethanol. Is it wise to put car corn into fuel or keep it food corn for people and animals?

Isn't it much better to burn oil, instead of food, to avert a famine? You can't eat crude oil.

Just imagine 10 million Mexicans come to the US for tacos because of the famine that is being engineered. Where is AOC to talk about real issues and real dangers, not in 12 years, but in 2020?

Why are they spraying the skies to cool off the flat earth plain?

Is the ruling scum trying to induce a famine to kill off the Gentiles? They've been trying everything to cause a huge kill off. As Al Gore mentions the phrase, "cull the human species," in his book Earth in the Balance.

Why doesn't the Swedish retard girl focus on that? Al Gore said he wants, "every policy and program, every law and institution to be used to halt the destruction of the environment." That would bring in a totalitarian system, under the guise of environmental protection.






Once again, we see that we have a masonic theocracy and Agent Tootsi is sporting a triangle.


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