What happens when you have an unservicable national debt, and you force other countries to buy that debt, instead of, the land and resources of your country, or real manufacturing goods that your country (can't) produce?

Let's start with real trade versus fake trade. 

In real (international) trade, people exchange goods for goods.  TV's for grain. Cars for oil. Parts for steel.

In fake (international) trade, people exchange goods for junk bonds, a never-ending tab, or debt, that is never paid off with goods or titles to real things. There are only so many perverted Hollywood Jew movies a country can digest.

An example is China that produces plastic-shit for dollars, but can't use those dollars, except, to buy US debt that will never get paid. All it can do is roll it over, and over, and over.  This is, basically, stealing.

This has to improverish China and Chinese. They only way to get rid of the dollars, besides, buying debt is for Chinese to find other ways to buy something in the US, such as, overpriced college educations.

The same is true of Mexicans.

If they don't have a comparable amount of goods going to China or Mexico, the Chinese and Mexicans have worked for US citizens for nothing but paper-shit, or perhaps, just digital-shit.

How long can the US last if it cheats the whole fucking world and lies about everything it does?


Here is a good article that explains it (link).


Here are some choice quotes.


The fact is the US absolutely shouts from the rooftops that any treaty or agreement they enter into whether written or verbal is completely meaningless.


There is growing global awareness now that the US’s habitual wrecking of independent sovereign countries can be stopped and there are two current examples [Syria and Venezuela] where they have indeed at least been curtailed. There is a realization too that this meddling is not for noble humanitarian causes but instead is simply an obscene and blatantly obvious way to keep their bloated war machine in business.

The ability of the US to endlessly sell debt to date has allowed them to fund their grotesquely bloated war machine. It is estimated that these escapades have resulted in approximately 30 million deaths since WW2. At a ratio of 10:1 the number of serious injuries in their rampage could well be as high as 300 million people…a figure not far short of the entire US population!


In the same way, at leastm one person was murdered for every Englishman thanks to their support for mass murder communism.  How can a nation exist with that on its record?

That's a record worse than slavery, and the US record is just the same.

For some reason, the patriot crowd can't stop waving their flags. Psychopathy run through the masses of WASPs and Jews.


It is becoming more and more accepted that the US is the number one troublemaker of the world and that it poses more of a threat to humanity than all other countries combined. The ownership network that the FED serves and its associates and the obscenely large MIC, demands this slaughter. Effectively the US central bank underwrites this whole murderous enterprise. As the US loses its reserve currency status so too will it lose its ability to conduct perpetual war.


It's hard to know whether the original plan was for the US to ship its factories to China, only to have Chinese do the labor, and then cheat them out the wazzoo. Who knows what the rest of the story will end up to be. 

Certainly, the willingness of the Reagan deficit-spending and military-wastage assures that poverty in other countries is strong, but not absolute. They still have enough resources to see that good things are in American and they have enough to get a ticket to the US or run across its border. The US, desperate for comparable cheap labor to keep its own competitiveness alive, can't resist foreign migration.

Either way, the US is in a death spiral and will win the wrath of the world when the party is over.  

Never be at the mercy of nation-wrecking WASP-Jew domination.


Here's another article on what happened to Venezuela's gold.


Putting his point in the affirmative, "the unwillingness (or inability) of the Bank of England to verify means that the formerly unthinkable has now arrived [...] these central banks sold this gold [...] in their attempt to keep down the price so as to maintain the appearance of a solvent U.S. dollar standard."

That's why there is no gold in Fort Knox.

That's why the US wouldn't give Germany its gold back.

The USG is just one giant lying murder machine.

The only prediction you can make is that US real wages will continue to collapse, earthquake by earthquake, until they are at parity with the rest of the world, and even lower than that, and that once the US military can't force debt down the throats of other economies anymore, the dollars will flood the US economy or be worth pennies on the dollar overnight.

The parasitism will finally be over.

Billionaires will lose everything.

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