You can never trust British newspapers.

Here is a report that the Polish government wants 777 billion pounds because Germany gassed 6 million Jews. Hoax upon hoax.

Why would any serious politician propose a 777 billion pounds package?

It is about the numbers. 777.

The Boeing 777 is what counts when you hear 777.

Tomorrow is 11 days since Tisha Bav, or August 22, 2019.

What are the papers foreshadowing?

Sounds like a jet will crash tomorrow involving Muslims and Jews; perhaps into the Dome of the Rockefellers?

Who knows?

What we do know is that nothing much happened on 8-11, but 11 days later is just as good, in terms of gematria.

The Polish government shouldn't be recognized internationally.  It is clearly toxic and destablizing and a cancer in Europe, as it has always been. The same is true of the "state" of Israel.

It's rather absurd to have an enemy government in the EU, whether it is Polish government or the Greek government, both of which sided with the British destruction of Europe. The Greek government wants 220 billion pounds.

So, we have a story of the 777 and the 22. 

Tomorrow is August 22.  What kind of 777 story will come out tomorrow?

As we said elsewhere, Hitler evicted Poland out of Prussia.  This is an intuitive truth.  Self-defense is exculpatory. It's like the Polish government was out for a fight, broke its nose in the fight, and wants its victim to pay for the nose job. It's all theater and a shit-test.

Germany claims that the Soviet and Polish goverment gave up all claims to compensation in 1953.

Poland now claims it was pressured by Moscow to accept the deal.

That's a fair point up to a point.  

What is really the issue is the Versailles Treaty. The German people and their Kaiser did not accept the Versailles Treaty. The Jewish governent of Hugo Preuss violated their fiduciary and other responsibilities to the German people. As such, any foreign claims to German soil were illegal and void.

Poland had no rights to German or Prussian soil. As such, kicking them out is self-defense, and any damages they incurred are on them.

It's weird that the Polish government and WASP and Jew mouthpieces want it both ways to Germany's detriment. If might is right, kicking Poland out of Prussia is no wrong. Might is right is the only claim Poland had to Prussia and they lost.

If justice is the basis for what is right, Poland had no right to Prussia and took it by criminal means. No one has a right to stolen goods. So, again they lose. Whether by justice or barbarism, the function of the Polish government is to harass Germans for earth and water, blood and money.

You have to wonder about the fate of countries whose means of engagement is so foreign to the European spirit and is driven by hostility and malice, rather than truth and justice.



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