Lesson of 2016

Democrats need to understand the LESSON of  2016.

The electorate legitimized nationalism.

It's OK to be a nationalist.

It's OK to be a National Socialist.

The two most popular candidates were nationalist Trump and socialist Sanders.

The era of Hitler-hate is over.

You may not like this, but the post-war era is over.

Now, to beat Trump, you can't beat him on being a better Zionist. Trump is 1000% zionist. He is an Israeli-Firster. He can't be America First. That's his basic contradiction, his basic flaw, and the flaw he can be flogged on.

You can't beat Trump on socialism. The public doesn't understand socialism, except as, another word for communism (communism is the slavery of Gentiles to Jews.)

You can only beat Trump as a real nationalist.

If Trump is 1000% for Israel, he can't serve America. He can't make America great again. He is not the man for the job, especially, if he is a hermaphrodite with small hands.


The Lesson of 2019:

The United States Government is a masonic theocracy.

Masonry is a two-faced religion that demands zionist world domination.

Like communism, zionism is the enemy of all Gentiles. Donald Trump's party of Jews supports rape, incest, and Zionism.

Zionist America must go. 

Dissolve the US into 4 regional governments and ban the war-monger zionists forever.

That will Make Americans Great Again.

That's what I champion. That's how to beat Trump and make Americans great again. This is a true nationalism of the people(s), not a fake nationalism of a DC masonic clique or a Zionist empire.

Trump can't win without the small government libertarian conservatives. Dissolving DC throws them a pork chop they can believe in.

Zionist democrats will lose to Trump. The most effective message is one of good faith nationalism.

Who is the real nationalist, someone who serves the dancing Israelis or someone who serves hapless Americans doomed under Zionism?

Memes and meme makers win elections.

May the best memes win.

People are DYNAMIC

People are dynamic.

They are not set in their information ways.

New information works on them to change opinions.

1) "Mexicans are rapists," said Trump.

2) Outrage.

3) Mexican "reported" as rapist validates Trump.

Trump wins again and again like this. The most outrageous things become normal in days or weeks. We see this everywhere. Lies are easily destroyed with one fact.

With new information, people have doubts about the shape of the earth, masons landing on the moon, the MAGIC bullet of the theatrical JFK assassination, the popcorning of the Twin Towers, WMDs in Iraq, hoax nukes, the millions of Jewish SURVIVORS of DEATH camps, and Angel Hitler.

Hitler did not invade Poland.

Hitler EVICTED Poland out of Prussia.

Prussia is Germany.

Self-defense is exculpatory.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

The British were wrong to start WWII. All the deaths of WWII must be laid at their feet. The bad guys won the "good" war: mass murder communism and WASP imperialists.

You can see how the public narrative is smashed with just a few words.

There is no such thing as GLOBAL warming on a FLAT earth. I love that one. It is an intuitive truth.

If you understand that people are dynamic, there is no truth you can't speak because no matter how outrageous, the truth will take root. You just have to be its champion.  Be credibile to the youth of tomorrow, not beholden to yesterday's lies.

Two-faced liars and cowards play 4D Chess.

Democrats can see how and why Adolf Hitler can be ressurrected and rehabilitated. We know that the British firebombed German cities, killing tens of thousands of unarmed women and children. No one disputes this holocaust of German cities and civilians.

Atrocities like this are uncivilized and demonic. The barbaric British means of war express their vicious plan for German genocide and negate their lofty war aims meant for public consumption in Oxford-approved history.

The British need atrocity propaganda, mentalism, the myth of gassing Jews, to shift the public mind from firebombing cities and civilians to a cartoon Hitler burning up poor Bolsheviks.

This is the real origin of the holohoax. The guilty British need to cover their tracks. The British did it before. They starved the Irish to death and called it a Potato Famine. They blamed a fungus for their atrocities. The world bought the British Big Lie. If grass grows in the Emerald Isle, then so can cows, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, wheat, corn, and barley. If your food was stolen by the British, you'd starve. The genocidal British are masters of using famine as a war weapon.

Quick Q&A

Why am I running for President?

I want to dissolve the US federal government.

That ends the masonic theocracy and zionist imperialism. That ends WASP-Jew oppression over the world.

This will require a new foreign policy and a new and reduced military force structure.

I support a GAL-polar world, in place of, Bolshevik-British/WASP-Jew world domination (ZIONISM) and culture destruction.

GAL = creative cultural regions of positive influence German, Asian, and Latin.

This new vision and practice will end endless bombing and bring federal matters much closer to the public for accountibility.



I will delegate executive matters to regional governments, according to, my regional map.

Most executive functions can be delegated in the first two weeks.

My constitution for the regional governments has four branches, including, a Board of Trustees. The BOT will assure self-government and purge all secret society stealth goverment.

The four regions will have to nominate regional executives that have no affiliation with Zionism, masonry, Skull and Bones, CFR, Rhodes Mafia, Israel, etc. I delegate to the regional cabinets.

How much money do you have to run?

There are several ways to raise $ 1 billion for my campaign. I support 100% post hoc public funding for elections.

One option is to issue a digital asset that will be recognized as legal currency by the future regional governments. This will provide the funding to bring them to fruitition. Those politicians who sign up for it will get public funding.

We pay for campaigns and activists today, in this new digital asset, which can be discounted today, to some dollar equivalent; but will be a dollar later.

Option two is to act like the German from Django and work for a billion bounty. The bounty would come out of what has been stolen from Venezuela. With victory, we return to Venezuela its assets minus one billion. There are other options.

How do beat Trump?

Be the true nationalist.

Trump is not a nationalist, but a Zionist lunatic waving a gun in everyone's face, to discredit nationalism. You can't be 1000% for Israel and be America First. The public understands that, even if, Trumplings are the last to see it. He could have grand fathered in Muslims who already had tickets, and stopped new sales, but Trump wanted a scene at the airports.  You can't bomb Syria on the 100th Anniversary of US entry into WWI and be a nationalist.

Occultist Trump hints at his other dastardly deed, something that would cause him to be arrested, immediately, if we had national security,  if we had loyal federal law enforcement, but we don't. We have a madhouse, a masonic theocracy, loyal to its lies and deceptions, and to occult-designed terrorism. Regardless, the accusation and supporting evidence would destroy Trump's chances for relection.



There is no reason for democrats to reject good faith nationalism or concede that to the GOP.

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